Histrionic Sources with Brian Stelter

It’s easy to forget that Brian Stelter is the “media reporter” for CNN.  Mostly because he isn’t.

When Brian isn’t well-I-nevering over something Fox News is doing, he is playing host to a parade of partisan anti-Trumpists while indulging in a little game I call “Spin the Wheel” (AKA: “What line of attack will we use on President Trump today?”)

Histrionic Sources with Brian Stelter

Yesterday on his misnamed program “Reliable Sources,” Brian had on two “psychiatrists” who indulged in a little armchair diagnosis of a man they have never personally interviewed or examined.

Naturally, these two “psychiatrists” agreed with Brian Stelter that President Trump is mentally unfit to be President.

Dr. Allen Frances — the former Chair of Psychiatry at Duke — claimed President Trump may be responsible for “many more deaths” than Hitler, Stalin or Mao. He also decided to label every American who voted for Trump with that well-known clinical diagnosis known as “crazy.”

As if it isn’t crazy to assume President Trump will kill millions more than Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

Physician diagnose thyself.

What “Dr.” Frances of Duke University deems “crazy” appears to be any politics that is not in line with his own.

And there sat Brian Stelter of “Reliable Sources” not saying so much as a how-do-you-do when his guest accused President Trump of genocide.

When called out on Twitter over letting such over-the-top histrionics go unchallenged, Stelter claimed he didn’t hear it due to technical difficulties.

If Brian Stelter was really interested in “Reliable Sources,” shouldn’t he have taken the time to vet this partisan crank? Frances’ Twitter feed is jammed with over-the-top “Trump is Hitler” content. Even a lazy idiot like Brian could have found them with little effort.

Stelter’s other guest was Dr. Bandy Lee of Yale University.  She, like Dr. Trump-is-Hitler, has never examined Donald Trump. But then again, Dr. Bandy Lee doesn’t see patients at all.  Instead, she is a “consultant” and a professor.  Oh, and she appears on cable news and before Congress to share her armchair diagnosis of a sitting US President.  

I wrote about this particular wackadoodle back in January 2018 the last time she was making the rounds on cable news and in Congress trying to convince everyone that her “diagnosis” of Trump must be taken seriously.

Back then even the American Psychiatric Association called foul on this reckless fool’s behavior.

In a January 2018 article in their professional journal, the APA called for an end to “Armchair Psychiatry:”

A proper psychiatric evaluation requires more than a review of television appearances, tweets, and public comments. Psychiatrists are medical doctors; evaluating mental illness is no less thorough than diagnosing diabetes or heart disease. The standards in our profession require review of medical and psychiatric history and records and a complete examination of mental status. Often collateral information from family members or individuals who know the person well is included, with permission from the patient.

“Dr.” Lee told Stelter that she was not trying to “medicalize politics.”

Never thought you were, honey.  What you and Dr. Trump-Is-Hitler are doing isn’t medicalizing politics; it’s politicizing medicine.

Brian’s justified having these two armchair psychiatrists on his “media” program by asking them for their professional advice on how “journalists” should report on the President.

Because Brian is concerned over how Trump tweets and misspells people’s names. So there must be something wrong with him mentally!

Well, my unsolicited advice for “reporters” like Brian Stelter would be to stop pretending that every single thing President Trump does is abnormal, unprecedented and dangerous.

You know. Be a friggin’ responsible journalist for a change and report facts, not allegations and assumptions.

But Brian Stelter is not a journalist or a reporter – let alone a “media reporter.”

He, like the rest of CNN, is nothing more than a political activist.

In February 2018, Daniel Greenfield famously referred to this kind of histrionic “reporting” as “The Abnormalization of Trump” (if you’ve never read this column, you really should).

The sole purpose of Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” is to further abnormalize Trump – and conservatives in general.

That’s why Stelter constantly goes back to the idea that “reporting” on Trump has to be different from “reporting” on any other President.  To his thinking since Trump is abnormal, “journalism” has to deploy abnormal and decidedly unjournalistic methods when reporting on him.

That’s bullshit by the way.

Permitting these two hacks on his so-called “Media” program pretty much proves that what this clown does isn’t “media reporting.”  Hell, it doesn’t even rise to the level of garbage reporting.  It isn’t “reporting” of any kind.

In fact, Brian’s only “media reporting” is a thinly-disguised effort to smear or silence his competition – from Conservative New Media to OANN to Fox News (as I pointed out the other day).

The rest of the time, Brian is busy propping up his own pathetic network’s shoddy track record or peddling in baseless histrionics over the President of the United States.

Like the network that employs him, Brian Stelter has no credibility.

So it shouldn’t come as a galloping shock that his invited guests are willing to torch not only their own credibility, but the credibility of their entire profession by indulging in baseless, partisan hitjobs and fearmongering disguised as a “diagnosis.”

But then again, baseless, partisan hitjobs and fearmongering are now central to CNN’s business plan.

Which, if you allow me to make an armchair diagnosis, might be why CNN’s ratings are swirling the drain.

Hat tip Newsbusters.

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6 thoughts on “Histrionic Sources with Brian Stelter

  • August 26, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach and appear on CNN.

  • August 26, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    You can trust Dr. Frances. He would never shade the truth. (my emboldening:)

    Former Duke Chair of Psychiatry Dr. Allen Frances admitted Sunday that President Donald Trump was not mentally ill, but suggested that if using that argument would get Trump removed from office, he would do it.

    Virginia Kruta, Daily Caller dailycaller.com/2019/08/25/former-duke-psychiatrist-trump-isnt-mentally-ill-out-of-office/
    h/t JJ Sefton’s Morning Report on A♠ acecomments.mu.nu/?post=382996

  • August 27, 2019 at 7:23 am

    At some point there has to be legal ramifications for such outrageous libel and slander. Hiding behind the 1st Amendment can not be a protection for outright lies.

  • August 27, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Brain Seltzer(sic) is a spineless and desperate person. No sane person would work for CNN now.

  • August 28, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Mark Levin had Bandy Lee on his radio show last night. It was entertaining.

    BTW if I can get away with an armchair diagnosis, she is a wackjob.

    • August 28, 2019 at 12:29 pm

      The official term from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is “Wackadoodle.”

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