It seems the Enslaved Press has tossed aside all pretense and is openly doing everything humanly possible to ensure the Republican nominee is a beatable, RINO squish and the Democrat heir apparent has a smooth ride to the White House.

They’re not even feigning impartiality anymore.

Not that they were ever particularly good at pretending to be impartial, but now they’ve come out of the closet and dropped the façade entirely.

Yesterday, Donald Trump appeared at the insipid No Labels conference in New Hampshire and was confronted by a woman in the audience who criticized his views on women and “women’s health” (AKA a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child).

CNN couldn’t wait to show the clip — my guess is because they thought it made Trump look bad.

It didn’t.

In fact, the woman came off as a snotty, petulant bitch who wanted nothing more than to attack Donald Trump for being a he-man-woman-hater — sort of a Megyn Kelly without the charm.

Trump handled her snitty little question very well.

And lo and behold. Turns out this “random audience member” is a woman named Lauren Batchelder and she is a paid Jeb Bush staffer in New Hampshire and an intern for Senator Kelly Ayotte.

In other words, she was a plant.

It was a hit-job.

It was a “gotcha” set-up question which, if the excited, eager tone in the host’s voice is any indication, CNN couldn’t wait to air.

Almost as if they knew to be on the lookout for her.

The Conservative Treehouse broke the news that this “average audience member” was nothing more than an Establishment GOP plant. Check it out HERE.

Ironic, isn’t it?

CNN is on the record saying they will not use “gotcha” questions or pit the Democrat candidates against one another in tonight’s debate, but they went balls out to do that to the Republicans last month.

While Bernie and Hillary are barely scathed in their reporting, CNN is on a mission to destroy the non-establishment Republican frontrunners.

What’s even more disgusting is the GOP Establishment is more than happy to help them — so desperate are they to have their guy win the nomination, they will work with the very Enslaved Press who are hell-bent on making sure the Republicans lose in 2016.

Meanwhile, the hit-job on Dr. Ben Carson continues. They really want to take this guy out. They’ve attacked his stand on guns, mass shootings, the Nazis (who sides with the Nazis in an effort to destroy a Republican candidate?!), his faith, his work as a surgeon. Nothing is spared.


Well, in addition to being a Republican candidate, Ben Carson is a brilliant surgeon, a devout Christian, and, what’s worse, an African American.

And when it comes to Black Republicans, no dirty hit-job is off the table. Nothing is beneath them. Even publishing an article with the headline, “Fuck Ben Carson” is an acceptable line of attack.

The Enslaved Press and the Democrats really, really hate black conservatives. And Ben Carson is getting the Clarence Thomas treatment, big time.

It isn’t a coincidence that the two candidates who are targets of almost daily hit-jobs from the Enslaved Press happen to be the two Republican candidates who are actually appealing to some African American voters.

Trust me on this. That’s precisely why the Enslaved Press want to take them out.

That kind of populist appeal that is drawing support from people who ordinarily do not vote Republican cannot be permitted.

Let’s face it. If even fifteen percent of black voters abandon the Democrat candidate and cast their votes for the Republican, it is game over.

Hillary isn’t roundly supported by blacks. And if Trump or Carson were the nominee, either one could easily siphon black votes away from her. And that simply cannot happen.

What makes this hit-job so detestable is the fact that the GOP Establishment is willing to participate.

It doesn’t matter to the RNC that, should they succeed in taking out Trump, Carson, or Cruz and obtain the nomination for their guy, CNN and every other Enslaved Press outlet will turn their weapons onto the Establishment nominee and take him out as well.

Just like they did in 2008 and in 2012.

But for now, the RNC is more than happy to aid and abet the character assassinations the Enslaved Press commits if it clears the way for their candidate.

Even if that means sending one of their paid staffers to a town hall event in order to set up the perfect sound-bite against Donald Trump.

Too bad it failed.

Too bad they suck at it.

Little Miss Batchelder is furiously deleting her on-line presence in order to shield the fact that she was a plant. Alas, not quickly enough to avoid the truth coming out.

They don’t seem to understand that these attacks aren’t hurting Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Ted Cruz. These hit-jobs are missing their mark every single time.

The Establishment Strikes Back

The harder they try, the better the poll numbers for the outsider candidates.

Miss Batchelder may have thought that her clever little performance was going to harm Donald Trump. But now, it’s blown back on Jeb Bush like an exploding cigar.

What the Establishment and the Enslaved Press fail to comprehend is it isn’t 2008 or 2012.

The actual living and breathing voters are sick and tired of this bullshit.

We have a nation to save. We have a Republic to restore.

And these petty, childish, moronic games aren’t fooling anybody.

Except CNN.

And really? How hard can that be?

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One thought on “Hit-Job

  • October 13, 2015 at 10:42 am

    It’s only going to get worse. Our government has been taken over by tyrants who will do anything to stay in power. I found it strange that during the interview with Obama on Sunday he said Trump will never become the President of the United States. Now just how does he know that? Crystal ball or will they have him snuffed out if all else fails? I think they will do whatever it takes to keep an outsider from entering their exclusive club. An outsider might expose all the corruption going on in Washington and that can’t be allowed. Just my opinion.

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