Hit the bricks Roy

Roy Moore, the man who lost what should have been the easiest Republican Senate win ever has decided he’s going to try and run again in 2020.

His reason?

Hit the bricks Roy

Really, Roy?

You will beat Doug Jones?

Why yes. You have a proven track record when it comes to beating Doug Jones, don’t you, Roy? … Wait, no.

As Donald Trump Junior pointed out yesterday,

There is no doubt that Alabama, unlike Chicago, actually is Trump Country.  (Sorry to break it to you, Jussie Smollett.)

The Republican Senate candidate should have won the 2017 special election in a landslide.

And yet.  Roy Moore lost.

I pointed out the day after Doug Jones’ victory that during the run-off primary, President Trump endorsed and campaigned for Luther Strange. Steve Bannon on the other hand, campaigned for Roy Moore.  Trump knew even then that Roy couldn’t win.

I wrote at the time:

The good news is Jones didn’t win a full six-year term.

So if Alabama Republicans are smart, they’ll already be laying out the groundwork to win that seat back.

Here’s the bottom line for me.

The Alabama Senate race was the Kobayashi Maru of elections.

Once Alabama chose to listen to Steve Bannon instead of President Trump, it really became a no-win scenario.

Sure, there is an outside chance that we could have won if Roy Moore had dropped out the moment the Washington Post story erupted.

We’ll never know.

But one thing’s for sure. Whether the allegations against Moore are true or not, those allegations eclipsed this race completely.

And they didn’t just hurt Moore’s chances.

Those allegations also hurt President Trump and the Republican Party in general.

The truth is, whether the Gloria Allred-promoted accusations against Moore were true or not isn’t the issue for me.  It is exactly as I wrote the morning after the election: Roy Moore is damaged goods.

What’s more, now he’s damaged goods with a proven track record of losing to Doug Jones.

Republicans would be wise not to indulge his over-weaning ego again in 2020.

And while this time around, the ResistanceLOL won’t be spending all their time and money on Alabama the way they did in 2017, Roy has already proven that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Jones.

And his idiotic decision to try for a second bite of the apple is self-serving and clueless.

Alabama Republican voters would be wise to listen to the President this time around and kick old Roy to the curb.

It remains to be seen if Moore has the self-reflection necessary to comprehend that running again would be a tremendous mistake.

But if he doesn’t, hopefully Alabama primary voters will take that decision out of his hands and let him know at the ballot box that it’s time for Roy to hit the bricks.

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2 thoughts on “Hit the bricks Roy

  • May 30, 2019 at 8:49 am

    I want Moore to run again. He stands for what i stand for.

    It’s about agenda, not mindless rooting for Trump.

    Trump ran on a wall, no more wars, and tariffs.

    He put Bolton and Pompeo in charge of, obviously, more wars.

    He might have had an excuse for no wall. Because he didn’t want to screw up everything.
    But that excuse has rang hollow, seeing as how he’s willing to f up the whole works for these tariffs.
    (to, you know, help a lot of democrat union workers), lol

    I love his tweets telling everyone to go to hell as well as the next conservative. But if all i’m going to get is no wall, more wars, and even including trade wars to help democrats, then f trump’s agenda.

    I vote for Roy Moore.

    • May 30, 2019 at 8:54 am

      Then get used to saying “Senator Jones.”

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