When Hollywood Propaganda goes horribly wrong

Poor Hollywood. They were so sure we’d be calling Hillary “President-Elect Clinton” right about now. So sure, in fact, that they rushed into production a little anti-gun propaganda disguised as a feature film.

You know. To soften us up for Hillary’s war against gun ownership by releasing a movie about the evil, nefarious “powerful gun lobby.”

Gosh. It must suck when Hollywood Propaganda goes so horribly wrong.

This morning, I stumbled on a post Big Fur Hat featured at iOTWReport.com about this bit of propaganda. A feature film starring Jessica Chastain called “Miss Sloane.”

Fur was kind enough to provide the trailer.

Here it is:

What better way to get Americans to side with Queen Hillary than to breathe life into Hillary favorite straw man?

My guess is, the objective here was to get Americans so angry at this boogeyman that when President Hillary “took them on,” we’d all applaud.

It’s just Hollywood’s dumb luck that “President-Elect Hillary” is as fictional as this nefarious “gun lobby” she spent her campaign rallying against.

And, it’s sweet, sweet irony that the same day this piece of crap opened in theaters – Black Friday – gun sales had a record-breaking day.

That’s right. The FBI’s NICS processed 185,713 background checks on Black Friday. That’s the largest single-day run since the system was launched [hat tip Bearing Arms].

Ah, well.

The best laid plans and all.

I have to tell you. Not only are we going to get tired of all this winning with a President Trump. We’re going to get tired of all this Schadenfreude too.

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3 thoughts on “When Hollywood Propaganda goes horribly wrong

  • December 1, 2016 at 8:25 am

    A “must miss” this holiday season!

  • December 1, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    One of my pet peeves with the “gun grabber” crowd, is their single minded tunnel vision. I have had conversations with many about the multitude of causes of violence (gun and otherwise) and those lobbying efforts of Big Pharma…to no avail…they refuse to consider that the “GUN” is not a sentient being. I may be veering off the thread here, and if so I apologize.
    I’ll try to link here an article by a doctor …TIME magazine also published an article on the same line…a good starting point

  • December 1, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    As always, when they say “Don’t miss it!”, I won’t miss it at all…

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