Honest and plays by the rules? Has Michelle even met Hillary?

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s “secret weapon” was in Charlotte, but for the life of me, I have no idea whom she was campaigning for.

Because the candidate she was describing bears absolutely no resemblance to Hillary Clinton.

I read through the transcript at the White House website, and as far as I can noodle out, Michelle was campaigning for Mother Teresa.

Michelle actually said, “We need someone who’s honest and plays by the rules.”

I couldn’t agree more, Michelle.

So why in the name of sweet fancy Moses are you campaigning for Hillary Clinton?!


Compared to whom?!

Plays by the rules?!

If by “plays by the rules” you mean “the rules Hillary sets for herself,” then you’d be right.

Michelle’s speech sounded more like a wish-list – a sort of, “wouldn’t it be nice if our candidate were all these swell things?”

Nothing she burped out had any remote connection to the venal, wretched, sickly hag who is the Democrat nominee.

The again. The Obamas have never resided on Planet Earth.

Michelle seems to think that simply saying Hillary is “honest and plays by the rules” makes it true.

The two most frequently-used words to describe Hillary Clinton are “liar” and “dishonest” with “untrustworthy” a distant third.

The only way Hillary Clinton avoids lying is by saying, “I do not recall.”

Which, come to think of it, is probably also a lie.

A lot of Michelle’s speech was directed to those young Bernie supporters who are so disgusted with the Democrat nominee, they are considering sitting out the election. These people hate Hillary Clinton.

Like the general population, the words most frequently used by Bernie supporter to describe Hillary are “liar” and “dishonest.”

If Michelle Obama really wants to sway them, lying about who Hillary is probably isn’t the smartest way to go.

Frankly, I’m surprised Michelle was able to say those words without cracking up laughing.

But if there’s one thing both Obamas are good at, it’s lying with a straight face.

Remember back in 2009 when the Obamas flew to Copenhagen to try and get the Olympic committee to choose Chicago for the 2016 summer games? Michelle Obama claimed that she watched Carl Lewis win the gold medal while sitting on her father’s lap.

Either that was a lie or her father is one hell of a creepy guy because Carl Lewis won the gold when Michelle was twenty.

Having Barack and Michelle – two congenitally dishonest people – vouch for Hillary’s honesty is all manner of hilarious.

Compared to Hillary, they’re amateurs.

There were other ridiculous lies scattered throughout this speech. Most notably to me was this one:

Hillary Clinton is tough.  See, I’ve watched her — when she gets knocked down, she doesn’t complain.  She doesn’t cry foul.  No, she gets right back up and comes back stronger for the people who need her most.

She doesn’t complain or cry foul?

The woman does nothing but complain and cry foul. She accuses everyone who questions her private server, her inept handling of the State Department, or her treatment of Bill’s accusers of being part of a “vast rightwing conspiracy.”

She whines endlessly about how she is unfairly attacked because she is a woman.

Anyone who claims to be a victim as much as Hillary Clinton does is the textbook definition of someone who complains and cries foul.

Honestly, Michelle. Have you ever met Hillary Clinton?!

I realize that Barack and Michelle both have a lot invested in keeping Donald Trump out of the White House. He will demolish Obama’s horrific “legacy” the way he demolishes old dilapidated buildings.

But I’d say the odds of Michelle actually firing up those angry Bernie supporters who feel stabbed in the back by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton are pretty much nil.

All she managed to do was preach to the choir — those blindly devoted Hillary supporters whose acquaintance with life on Planet Earth is about as tenuous as Michelle’s.


Hat tip Breitbart.

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    Has Michelle ever met Mr Obama?

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