How can you Believe Joe when Joe hasn’t said anything?

How can you Believe Joe when Joe hasn’t said anything?

Apparently the approved talking point among Democrats and the Social Media ResistanceLOL is “I believe Joe Biden.”

There’s even an #IBelieveJoe hashtag on Twitter.

Really?  Shouldn’t the hashtag be #IBelieveJoeEvenThoughHeHasNotSaidAnything? Though, that’s probably too long a hashtag to get trending.

Maybe I’m expecting too much, but in order to believe Joe or disbelieve Joe, shouldn’t he first respond so that you have something to either believe or disbelieve?

I’d never say “Biden is lying” because in order to lie, Joe would have to open his mouth and utter a statement.

So how in the name of sweet, fancy Moses can you say “I believe Joe” when Joe has yet to open his mouth and utter a statement?

It’s completely illogical.

“I am satisfied with how he has responded.”

In the last five weeks since Tara Reade’s story broke, Joe Biden has given nineteen interviews and taken one hundred and forty-two questions.  But not once has he been asked about Reade’s allegation, nor has he voluntarily offered any response.

Complete radio silence isn’t a response, Nancy.

It is, by definition, a lack of a response.

Then there’s Thirsty Stacey Abrams.

In an interview with Don Lemon Tuesday night, Thirsty Stacey said, “The New York Times did a deep investigation and they found that the accusation was not credible.” [Fact Check: that is a lie.]  Thirsty Stacey naturally added, “I believe Joe Biden.”

How Stacey can believe Joe Biden when Joe Biden has not said anything is anybody’s guess. Then again, Stacey is so damn thirsty to be Joe’s running mate, she’d probably say just about anything.

Even if that means saying she believes the words that have never come out of Joe’s mouth.

Flip-flopper Kirsten Gillibrand, who famously said, “I believe Dr. Blasey-Ford because she’s telling the truth,” is now saying “I believe Joe Biden” …. apparently because he isn’t telling us anything.

Her measure of believability is all kinds of broken.

Frankly, I’d respect these idiots more if they just said, “Listen, I don’t care, okay? I want Trump to lose and if that means supporting a guy who can’t keep his hands to himself, I can live with that.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden isn’t the only one keeping mum about Tara Reade’s allegation.

Believe Joe by not saying anything.

You want my theory?

My theory is the reason Joe Biden has not responded to Tara Reade’s accusation is because his campaign people are keeping him in the dark about it.

In short, I don’t think Joe knows about Tara Reade’s allegation.

Look, if anyone can attest to how mentally volatile Joe Biden is it’s his campaign team.

Joe is locked in his house under the watchful eye of his wife, and his “public” appearances are carefully scripted.

Do you really think they’d risk telling this unstable, verbally-challenged gaffe machine about Tara Reade accusing him of rape?

Holy moly. It’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

Joe being oblivious to the rape allegation certainly would explain why the only response we have comes not from the candidate himself, but from his campaign.

Team Biden is confident that no reporter or cable news personality would dare to ask him about Tara Reade.  So why not just keep him ignorant of it?

Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the campaign told news outlets, “You want to interview our guy, don’t you dare bring up Tara Reade!”

Meanwhile, to cover for Joe’s radio silence, the campaign has sent out its marching orders to all Biden surrogates: “Say the allegation isn’t true and that you believe Joe.”

But the longer Joe stays silent, the more even biased, Biden-friendly outlets will begin demanding he make a statement.

Just yesterday, Ruth Marcus penned an op-ed in the Washington Post saying Biden had to respond to Tara Reade’s allegation directly and not only through his campaign.

Even his devoted supporter Alyssa Milano, in a column at Deadline, is asking Joe to directly respond — come what may.

There are cracks in the wall of silence. And that is not good for Team Biden.

Because once the wall collapses, Joe’s lack of response will be impossible to defend — no matter how many Democrat women are willing to say “I believe Joe.”

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