How long before “Me Too” Gillibrand comes out as gay?

Me Too Gillibrand

When I say Kirsten Gillibrand is the “Me Too” candidate, I don’t mean it in the current parlance.

And not just because Kirsten’s track record with the #MeToo movement is kind of abysmal.

No, when I say Kirsten Gillibrand is the “Me Too” candidate, I mean Kirsten’s entire campaign strategy is to hop aboard any policy position or cause that seems to increase other politicians’ national profiles.

Reparations is the issue du jour?  Well, here comes Kirsten Gillibrand to shout, “Me too!  I want reparations too!”

Medicare for all? “Me too! I want Medicare for all too!”

The Green New Deal?

Abolish the Electoral College?

Kirsten has never met a single issue she isn’t willing to glom onto in hopes that somebody, anybody, will notice she too is running for President.

Despite these desperate attempts to hitch her wagon to whatever seems in vogue, Kirsten is pretty much overlooked.

Meanwhile even Pete Buttigieg – that mayor of high crime South Bend, Indiana – is getting more press attention than this lightweight US Senator from New York.

Is the media gushing over Buttigieg because he’s turned South Bend into a city worth bragging about?

Not even close.  As Daniel Greenfield pointed out in his column last week, Buttigieg is running for President while his city bleeds.  But the media dutifully ignores his failure as chief executive of South Bend – and with good reason.

Instead, they play up his youth and his sexual orientation.

“He’s a gay, married Millennial,” they breathlessly tell us.

Buoyed by the media’s slobbering praise for his gayness, Buttigieg is experiencing a bit of a boomlet in the crowded 2020 field.

And Kirsten, “Me Too” candidate that she is, must be thinking, “Will everybody get media attention before me?!”

The girl just can’t catch a break.

Hell, even the “crowd” for her own Presidential Announcement Speech was pathetically tiny.  Which is quite an accomplishment since she held it in front of Trump Tower in the heart of Manhattan.

The truth is, Kirsten is such a bland, colorless (literally) milquetoast that nobody even remembers that she’s running.

That’s not new.  Most New Yorkers had no idea Kirsten Gillibrand running for reelection in 2018 until they went to the polls to vote.

She’s the kind of person you’ve run into half a dozen times, but never remember you met before.

Kirsten doesn’t stand out in a crowd of one.

And the 2020 Democrat field is so glutted with candidates, it’s hardly shocking nobody pays her any mind.

According to US News & World report, “Gillibrand Aims for 2020 Breakthrough Moment in Town Hall.” 

Gillibrand hopes her fortunes will change on Tuesday, when she participates in a town hall televised on CNN. She hopes the platform will give her a fresh opportunity to introduce herself to the voters and donors she’ll need to ensure her campaign stays on track, according to a person familiar with the campaign who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss strategy.

The CNN town hall “serves as a terrific opportunity to do what others have done in terms of having a moment that differentiates them from the rest of the crowd,” said Democratic strategist Maria Cardona. She cautioned, though, that “knowing you must have that breakout moment and that everyone expects you to have one” can create a “very high-pressure atmosphere.”

Of course, it’s difficult to “differentiate” yourself when your entire political career has been playing catch-up and rushing from one trending issue to another – always several steps behind the people who actually got the issues trending.

The likelihood that Kirsten will offer up some completely original policy or agenda item is slim. A monkey will type Shakespeare before that happens.

Besides which, Kirsten is too invested in the Intersectional Identity Politics game.

So I’m thinking Kirsten’s strategy for this “breakthrough moment” is to try and gain Intersectionality points.

Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if she used tonight’s CNN town hall to share a story about that stolen lesbian kiss back in college and how it completely changed her life.

Take that Pete Buttigieg!

Listen, Gillibrand is not a serious candidate.  And pretty much everybody on Planet Earth seems to know that except Kirsten.

Even so, I hope “Me Too” Gillibrand stays in the race for a while.  As a New Yorker who has, for the last eleven years, watched this empty jug struggle and scramble to become a political star, I find her desperate, clownish run for President all kinds of entertaining.

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One thought on “How long before “Me Too” Gillibrand comes out as gay?

  • April 9, 2019 at 11:29 am

    I saw on a video last night that her father is mixed up with NXIVM and that she herself may have attended events connected with them. Hmm… she may get attention, but not the kind she wants.

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