How to ruin Thanksgiving from the Hillary Campaign


Now, in addition to having to endure the shrill, fact-free talking points of the Obama supporters in your family, you also have to dodge bullets from the Hillary people as well.

How to ruin Thanksgiving from the Hillary Campaign

It’s as if Democrats not only want to ruin the economy, national sovereignty, the value of your home, your job prospects and the borders, but now want to obliterate Thanksgiving as well.

What does it say about the leading Democrat candidate for President that her communications team has to provide talking points to her supporters so they know how to defend the former Miss Rodham?

I can tell you that Ted Cruz doesn’t need to provide me with talking points to explain why he is my number one choice for President. I can just explain for myself.

Aren’t these idiots pretty much admitting that Hillary’s support is not based in reality or facts?

Or worse, are they pretty much acknowledging that her supporters are too stupid to formulate an adequate defense for why they support her?

And, boy, does the Hillary team tackle the big questions.

first question

Actually, it was Mark Levin and Matt Drudge who posited that Hillary’s hair wasn’t real. Rush mentioned it but in relation to Matt Drudge. But no matter.

Check out the answer.

Hillary herself noted that her hair is real.

Oh!!!! Well, there you go! Hillary would NEVER lie!

In addition to the wig statement, the criticisms her crack communication team has compiled include:
Hillary’s a grandmother
Hillary supports Planned Parenthood
Hillary is a woman
Hillary talks about gender issues

Clearly the Hillary people don’t expect any family members to have any intelligent and legitimate objections to Hillary.

For example. One would expect, given recent polling, that her Campaign Team would provide an argument against “Hillary has done nothing but lie her entire career. She is completely untrustworthy and dishonest.”

While they have prepared their drones to beat back moronic statements that no family member would ever say, they will be awash in a sea of confusion when the more intelligent people at the Thanksgiving table point out that obvious flaw in the former Miss Rodham’s character.

What actually surprises me is the Hillary Communications Team didn’t use the Hillary Clinton method of self-defense as a jumping off point. Seems to me if it works for Hillary it would work for her supporters on Thanksgiving.

So, let me help you out, Hillary people. Here is a foolproof way for you to defend your support for Hillary Clinton to your more intelligent and worldly family members:
1. Accuse everyone of being sexist.
2. If they point out Hillary’s lies, simply cackle uproariously and wipe a faux tear from your eye.
3. If they mention Benghazi, brush some lint off your shoulder.
4. If they list all the corrupt and criminal things Hillary has done in her life, rest your head in your hand and look bored.
5. If they mention the emails and the possible violation of the Espionage Act, cackle uproariously and wipe a faux tear from your eye.
6. After dessert, declare yourself the winner of the argument and go out and celebrate.
7. Leave for home confident in your own mind-numbing ignorance.
8. Go home and drink an entire bottle of Grey Goose while listening to Sinatra.
9. Fall down and hit your head.
10. Blame your support for Hillary on a blood clot.
11. Shriek, “What difference at this point does it make?!”

Hat tip Weasel Zippers.

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  • November 26, 2015 at 9:42 am

    BRILLIANT!! Thank you for your hard work and keen witt! This blog/ web-page are an excellent example of exercising the 1st Ammendment. Please keep up the GREAT work!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • November 26, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Happy Thanksgiving Dianny!

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