“I feel unsafe!!” — The war cry of manipulative little monsters

“I feel unsafe!!” -- The war cry of manipulative little monsters

Yesterday Harpers published a letter signed by oodles of Leftwing “intellectuals” and writers warning of the dangers inherent in the so-called “Cancel Culture” – especially in the fight to Resist Donald Trump.  Instantly, some of those who signed on to the letter were harassed, threatened and shamed into recanting their heresy by manipulative little monsters who claimed signing on to this letter made them feel unsafe.

In no time, several signers went to Twitter to grovel to the angry mob.

The presence of Vox editor Matt Yglesias’ signature caused one Vox writer to share on Twitter just how unsafe Vox now was because Yglesias signed the letter.

Vox letter I feel unsafe

Now, part of me is enjoying watching as the Left eats its own.  Like Dr. Frankenstein, they created this monster and now the monster has turned on them.  How can you not feel a sense of Schadenfreude over that?  Especially considering that some who signed the letter decrying internet harassment were forced to recant thanks to … internet harassment.

It’s chef’s kiss perfect.

This is what happens when people who whine and say “this differing opinion makes me feel unsafe” are given so much power over other people’s lives.

In my conversation with Martina Markota, she described the events leading up to her losing her career and her agent thanks to the cancel culture.  She, too, was hung out to dry when her fellow performers voiced “concerns” about working with her because of her differing opinions.  Because, you know, Martina being a conservative made them feel unsafe.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if someone thinking differently from you makes you feel unsafe, you have gross emotional problems.

Actually, you’re kind of a horrible person.

But the truth is, these people who claim to feel unsafe don’t really feel unsafe.  They’re just intolerant monsters.

They are weaponizing their “feelings” in order to silence those who disagree with them.  In our current social climate, these manipulative monsters know the quickest way to silence others is to claim differing opinions threaten their safety.

It’s craven and disingenuous.

Dunleavy tweet

This Vox writer claims that this letter to his/her employer was not an attempt to get Matt Yglesias fired.  Maybe not.  But blasting this letter across social media was definitely an attempt send the vicious internet mob after Matt Yglesias to harass him and attack him.

Because that’s what these monsters do.

This isn’t someone who feels unsafe.  This is one vindictive little asshole who wants to ruin someone because his name appeared in the same place as another person whose opinion hurts this little asshole’s feelings.

Now, keep in mind, this letter in Harpers says nothing about transsexuals.  But, see, J.K. Rowling is one of the people who signed on.  And since J.K. Rowling has refused to bow to the woke mob on sex and gender, the presence of her signature somehow makes the entire letter “anti-trans.”  Because, you know, J.K. Rowling makes this clown feel unsafe.

In the letter, this “trans woman” states he/she wants to believe in Vox’s stated goal of a more diverse workplace.  Yet diversity of opinion makes him/her feel unsafe?  Which is it, honey?  Do you believe in diversity or not?

This is the kind of crap we laughed about when it was coming from Oberlin Critical Race Theory majors.

But these College Safe Space cretins now live and work in the real world, and they brought the College Safe Space culture with them.  The entire world must now come with trigger warnings, otherwise these babies won’t feel safe.

And they don’t just work at clown schools like Vox; they also work at the New York Times.

Remember this?

Yeah, tons of NYT writers tweeted out this identical claim about an opinion piece by Tom Cotton.

Oh, boo hoo.  They feel unsafe!  Over an opinion piece!!!  These little “victims” managed to force a major daily to grovel for forgiveness while getting the offending editor fired.

What a bunch of manipulative little creeps.

But, hey.  These tactics worked like a charm in college, so of course they keep doing it now that they work in the real world.

We’re surrounded by vicious little babies.  And they aren’t unsafe victims; they’re the monsters.  They aren’t the powerless ones; they’re the ones wielding the power.

In fact, they’re so powerful, they can get people driven from their jobs and their homes. They can force multi-billion-dollar corporations to grovel and beg for forgiveness for making them “feel unsafe.”

Hell, they can even force people who sign on to a letter decrying this vicious practice of personal destruction to recant just by using this vicious practice of personal destruction.

They’re not “oppressed;” they are the oppressors.

They’re not “marginalized;” they’re the ones doing the marginalizing.

And they sure as hell don’t feel unsafe; instead, they’re the ones threatening the safety of others.

Whimpering “I feel unsafe” is the shield they hold up to both silence their enemies and stop us from fighting back.

Well, it’s long past time for us to fight back.

And I don’t think these monsters will like how this fight ends.

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3 thoughts on ““I feel unsafe!!” — The war cry of manipulative little monsters

  • July 8, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Projection IS their platform. They always accuse others of the very things they engage in. If the silent, and all too often feckless, majority ever decides to stand up to them, they will scatter like cockroaches when the light is turned on. As for the so-called “trans” freak, if it has a “y” chromosome, it is male. If it does not, it is female. Intelligent Design is not trumped by simpering morons spouting social justice gobbledegook.

  • July 9, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    JK Rowling is calling them out. lol

  • July 9, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    Well written Dianny. Thanks.


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