I hope Ebenezer McCain gets a visit from three spirits before he dies

Ebenezer McCain

Wow. Have you seen some of the things John McCain has been saying now that he’s standing at death’s door?

Talk about bitter.

He’s taking names and kicking ass.

Apparently John McCain has penned his own version of “What Happened.” And in it, he blames Sarah Palin for his humiliating defeat in 2008.

Really? I can’t tell you the number of people (myself included) who went to the polls and voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. Quite a few if I recall.

But McCain wishes he selected Joe Lieberman – Al Gore’s running mate.

Yeah, that would have put him in the White House for sure.

In addition to putting the blame of his loss on Palin, Old Ebenezer McCain has also seen to it that President Trump not get invited to his funeral.

But don’t worry. His pal Barack Obama will be there to deliver a eulogy.

The guy can’t even keep politics out of his death.

Now, I know why old Ebenezer is doing this.

McCain wants the media to remember him fondly. As I wrote in September of last year:

McCain is also looking for validation and praise from the mainstream news media.

To be fair, he’s always been looking for that.

But now that he’s not long for this world, it’s become even more important to him.

After all, they’re the ones who will be writing his obituaries.

And McCain knows the best way to secure fawning, praiseworthy tributes is to side with the progressive Left.

Like I said before, John McCain has always been shameless suck-up and vindictive creep.

His arrogance and condescension are breathtaking.

And the Herculean grip with which he clings to grudges is remarkable.

I guess it’s too much to ask of him to show a little grace as he sheds this mortal coil.

It’s as if McCain is using his death as a final chance to lash out at everybody who was ever mean to him.

But of course, in order for him to succeed, McCain would have to stick around for a few years just to fit everybody in.

To tell you the truth, I find this incredibly sad and pathetic.

McCain is such a bitter old man even when faced with his own mortality.

And whether you like McCain or not (and put me in the “or not” column), that is very sad to see.

When my best friend was dying of lymphoma, she was filled with so much joy and peace – and love, so much love. Sure, she was sad to have to say goodbye to everyone. But what emanated from her was peace and love.

I will forever have that memory of sitting with her that last time – talking, laughing, crying. And as agonizing as it was losing her that way, I cherish the memory every day.

How terribly sad for John McCain that he wants to spend his last weeks on earth rehashing old grudges and even planning future insults.

It makes me think of how Ebenezer Scrooge is described – a “squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner.”

To go out with such bile and anger clogging up his heart – well, that is just no way to go.

Hat tip Breitbart

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8 thoughts on “I hope Ebenezer McCain gets a visit from three spirits before he dies

  • May 6, 2018 at 11:42 am

    I also only got a jolt of enthusiasm during his campaign when Sarah Palin came onboard as the VP pick. McLame was running the old Bob Dole playbook on how to put his voters to sleep. If not for Sarah, McLame might have gone down in one of the greatest defeats of GOPe losers.

    Media loved him when he was the Senate Maverick, bucking the leadership. Ted Cruz bucks the GOPe leadership, the media don’t call him a Maverick for it.

    Ole Songbird runs for President, media turn on him faster than liberals did with Kayne West. Obama wins, media go back to giving him praise, knowning they need him to continue his obstructionist ways with the GOP senate. Any normal person would have said FU for the way they treated him, but like you pointed out, he loves the spotlight.

    Go to your grave with such hatred and bitterness in your heart Mr. McLame. You are not going to find the light to heaven with that burden of hate within you.

  • May 6, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    Look on the bright side, Satan is dying to meet him.
    The guy is a pathetic old fool who will be remembered as a hateful, vindictive asshole that mistook arrogance for intellect.

  • May 6, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    If I were Trump, I would not order the flags at half staff for this incompetent old, senile, prick. I plan on raising my flag pole the extra 6 feet that is available for me when this old bastard assumes room temperature !!

  • May 6, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    I am a combat vet who shed a whole lot of blood for America in Nam. Many of my buddies came home in bags; if at all! I followed the POW/MIA very closely until the leftist Bush effectively killed it 28 years ago.

    Here are some facts about Nam POWs that progressives work hard to hide.

    95% of the POWs never came back alive; if they ever came back at all!

    2. Most of the 5% who lived to tell the story were maimed either mentally or physically! Eg Perot’s running mate Adm. Stockwell. When became back he was a mental defective like Yet. The big diff is that the Ads was a smart, competent man beforE the war; Yeb was born a 57 IQ idiot. Johnny was running for the title of world’s top adulterer in the mid ’70’s. Clearly not maimed mentally or physically!

    So why did Johnny get such favorable treatment ? A question many vets have asked for decades. There are many answers but most seem to be nothing more than John’s favorite attack on any conservative. Ad Hominem smears! I know not why John got such favorable treatment but that he did is clear.

    My opinion is he sold America out; but I can not prove it!

  • May 7, 2018 at 5:52 am

    I plan to do an opinion piece this morning at Polination(shameless plug) about this petulant assclown who’s going to go out as an insufferable whiner.God forbid he meet his fate with the quiet grace and dignity of people like Ronald Reagan and Barbara Bush.All these outrageous statements are simply calculated to sell his sorry book. I will view his passing with the same emotion I did when the drunken “lion of the Senate” finally took his place in the tenth circle of Hell.

  • May 7, 2018 at 7:40 am

    The ‘Maverick’. Quick to condemn his fellow republicans. Blaming his failures on others.
    John McCain is an attention seeking, ego polishing failure of a man who could have been an example to the nation but instead, sold his ethics for a headline.

    In my experience a person who bucks the system constantly does not do this in order to do what is right or correct a wrong. They are grandstanding for the attention they will receive.

    McCain’s bloated ego and constant self justification speaks volumes of his values and the fact that he is a trend follower and not a leader, ever.

    As to your premise regarding Ebeneezer; I wonder, is Lindsey Graham ‘Tiny Tim’ a sickly character who pleads for attention too?

  • May 7, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Remember that it was Juan McLame’s “no” vote that helped kill the repeal of CommieCare.

    What a miserable, nasty, lying creep this guy is! Had it not been for Sarah on the ticket, his loss to the Big Black Boogie would have been even worse. Sarah was the reason why I voted at all in that election as there was no freakin’ way I’d pull the lever for Barry the Marxist. Now, Juan wants Barry the Marxist to speak at his funeral. Well, that fits. Two shit asses coming together at the other one’s end.

    God forgive me, but hell is waiting for you, John!

    I read the naval report about Juan’s actions in Vietnam. He is no hero. Period.

  • May 7, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    Ladies and Gentlemen in his last performance!t “John McCain and his Dancing Tumors”. It’s time to be honest about being a closet member of the Democratic party.

    Being the most corrupt member of the Keating five was you finest moment, It’s time to resign, you are no longer serving you country, you are now, more that ever, serving your ego!

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