I Refuse to Play Along

An evil young man named Dylann Storm Roof entered the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, sat down at a Bible Study, the killed nine people.

He did it.

The Confederate Flag didn’t do it.

He did it.

Guns in America didn’t do it.

He did it.

“White Privilege” didn’t do it.

He did it.

He committed this evil act.

Dylann Storm Roof. He is to blame.

And yet we have been so divided that everyone has hopped on board the Blame Game.

I’m sorry. I refuse to play along.

Don’t you see what’s happening here?

There are some in this country that hope to divide us so completely to make us ripe for the picking.

Divide and conquer.

What better way to destroy a nation than foment so much anger and division that we devour ourselves?

And why are so many of us willing to widen the divide, stoke the anger and permit those who seek to destroy this country to succeed?

Last night I went on Twitter, and was reading through some of the tweets and was marveling at how vicious and cruel people were getting. Accusations were flying around as if everyone on Twitter believed that someone else on Twitter was responsible for the deaths of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina.

Not Dylann Storm Roof. No.

But “right wingers,” and “gun owners,” and “white people,” and “racists,” and “bigots,” and flying the Confederate flag in South Carolina, and “conservatives” and “Republicans,” and “The South.”

We are letting these elements who seek to divide us do just that. Hell, we’re helping them.

I refuse to play along.

Dylann Storm Roof is responsible.

Dylann Storm Roof killed those people.

Dylann Storm Roof should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He should be executed and swiftly.

He is not a “product of his surroundings” or a “result of the gun culture.”

He is a young man whose soul has been devoured by evil.

Do we want to continue the evil work that he began by fomenting the flames of anger and division?

This isn’t something unique to America.

This is something unique to Evil.

And evil exists everywhere.

It exists here. It exists in Paris where armed gunmen entered the offices of Charlie Hebdo and brutally gunned down innocent people. It exists in Norway where Anders Breivik slaughtered 77 people. It exists in London where a crazed murder brutally butchered a man in broad daylight and then boasted about it on video. It exists in the Middle East where innocent human beings are being slaughtered in unspeakable ways.

Evil exists.

This isn’t about America.

This isn’t about gun ownership.

This isn’t about “America’s racist past.”

It is about Evil.

And Evil exists.

It doesn’t exist inside a gun.

It doesn’t exist inside a flag.

It exists and it works in the hearts of men.

We cannot fight evil with evil, but only good.

Dividing us is evil. It is destructive, poisonous; it is stirred by hatred.

We are seeing Evil at work. This cancer of violence against police is Evil. This disregard for human life in places like Chicago and Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore is Evil. The butchery in the womb is Evil.

And Dylann Storm Roof is Evil.

Those who seek to use this brutal, evil act as a way to further divide us are also doing evil.

Jesus said:

24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. 26 If Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but he is finished! 27 But no one can enter the strong man’s house and plunder his property unless he first binds the strong man, and then he will plunder his house. [Gospel of Mark 3:24-27]

We are letting Evil divide us.

We are letting Evil bind us.

Sadly, that includes this President.

There is something deeply sick and disturbing about wanting to stand on the bodies of nine beautiful human beings and use their deaths as an opportunity to argue with each other. To advocate reactionary, Leftist policies that will do the sum total of nothing to eradicate Evil.

Dylann Storm Roof already violated those innocent souls.

We don’t need to do it again.

I refuse to play along.

Sometimes we have to fight fire with fire.

Sometimes when we are attacked, the right response is to fight back.

But I don’t believe that this is one of those times.

This effort to divide us is Evil.

The only way to expose the evil of those who wish to divide us is by embracing the good, standing united in faith, and refusing to play along.

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2 thoughts on “I Refuse to Play Along

  • June 19, 2015 at 10:49 am

    I agree that there are some that seek only to divide, but I would ask that you look at another (not necessarily exclusive) rationale for the response that drowns out all other noise (not only on this issue, its Jenner, Dolezal, pictures on dollar bills, mattress girl, and a million other assaults on the senses.This is truly more horrendous than the others, but…). Whether its truly a loony tune, malevolent punk murderer, or even if its (some are already saying) a false flag, its a tragedy, but a tragedy that, in the bigger picture, isn’t even a pimple on a hooker’s butt. Watch the shiney ball. While the con-men pass the trade agreement, with all its secrets, keep your eye on the pea under the shells, as they are shuffled. While the private information on every armed forces member, every federal employee, and who knows who else, is now in the hands of our enemies and/or thieves (BTW, you know that this breach was only discovered when a private vendor was giving a demo of their security software? Government kinda kept quiet about that, and passes out “atta boys” to the criminally negligent), nothing up my sleeves. When backroom nuke deals with Iran are pending (that kind of fell off the chart, didn’t it?), stare deeply into my eyes. When a major economic shockwave is poised to hit (Greece), what are the Kardashians up to? While Christians and others are being slaughtered across the globe in an (we dare not say the word) intentional holocaust. Oh, look, a squirrel!

  • June 19, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Roof is reported to be a drug addict and a convicted felon. He illegally had a gun in his possession and he illegally had that gun in a “Gun Free” zone. It’s also being reported that his father gave him the gun. Helping a felon obtain a gun is also a felony. The blame for this falls squarely on this Roof.

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