I skipped the Round One Debate

Okay, I admit it.  I didn’t watch Round One of the Democrat Debate.  And I don’t feel in the least bit guilty about it.

The fact is, I didn’t think I could stomach listening to Elizabeth Warren’s hectoring voice for two hours.  And from what I’ve read, she was given the lion’s share of the questions.  So there would have been no way to avoid her.

Maybe that’s why the DNC placed Warren in Round One instead of with the other frontrunners who will be facing off tonight.  Putting a frontrunner up against nine also-rans allowed said frontrunner to dominate.

Especially if the rumors are true and MSNBC/NBC is on Team Warren.

The sound of Pocahontas’ voice grates on me like nothing else. Even Hillary’s nasally scolding and evil witch cackling don’t irritate me nearly as much as Warren’s shrill, incessant nagging.

But despite not watching Round One, I got a pretty good picture of how it went by following the live-tweets from some of my favorite Twitterers.  And with every live tweet I saw, I felt ever more confident that refusing to watch it was the right decision.

And this tweet from President Trump made me damn certain:

The fact is it’s just so dang early in the election cycle to have to endure a debate.

If you recall the 2016 election cycle, by the time we got to November, the vast majority of Americans were suffering from election fatigue. And that time around, the first debate was in August.  We just had Round One and it’s only June!

At this rate, I figure election fatigue will kick in before Super Tuesday.

There’s only so much “I’m more radical than they are” a person can endure before you want to suck a tailpipe.

So why bother with Round One when it’s still only June?

It’s far too early yet.  And really, by September, I’m guessing at least six or seven of these candidates won’t be around anymore.

Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

I did find an absolutely hilarious Round One Recap from Daniel Greenfield over at Front Page Magazine called “Debate of the Losers” that is well worth reading – if for no other reason than you will laugh out loud.

For example:

Elizabeth Warren delivered all her remarks in the hysterical pitch of a paranoid schizophrenic grandma demanding to know why all the songs on the radio are telling her to kill her parrot.

Or this:

Julian Castro claimed that his working-class background meant that he knew what it was like to rent a house. Castro, who doesn’t speak Spanish, pronounced “Jose”, “Oscar” and “Honduras” with the exaggerated care of a white Dos Equis pitchman.

And this:

Beto O’Rourke randomly broke out into awkward Spanish while Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren looked on in horror. Booker’s horror was understandable. He had memorized his own speech in bad Spanish and Beto’s stunt had upstaged his stunt.

Instead of watching Round One, I read.  Oh, and I joined in on the fun over at iOTWReport.  Big Fur Hat did a post of Photoshops featuring the weeping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that is hilarious and you should check it out HERE.

This was my contribution:

What I did instead of watching Round One

I also did a second one that was inspired by my post about the Mueller Report “Dramatic Reading.”  But I saved that one for today: 

I haven’t yet decided if I’ll bite the bullet and watch Round Two this evening.  In a way, I am curious to see if the candidates pig-pile on Joe Biden.  Besides, the Cringe Candidate Eric Swalwell will be there.  And I just know he’s going to say something stupid.

And who doesn’t want to hear Kirsten Gillibrand call President Trump a “coward” for the umpteenth time while finding reasons to insert the word “Brave” in every sentence?

One last note on Round One. Apparently they had technical problems and had to cut away to commercial. And President Trump got the last laugh when he shared this hilarious Carpe Donktum video of that embarrassing event:

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2 thoughts on “I skipped the Round One Debate

  • June 27, 2019 at 10:31 am

    Hmmm, this cast of characters, and a recently read trio of books that you recommended, have a lot in common. AMAZING! Calling Dr. Maksimov, can you make up another lil batch for our friends?

  • June 27, 2019 at 12:04 pm

    Based on the farcical performance of the Democrats last night, did the Republicans channel their inner Voltaire prior to the debate? You see, in 1767 in a letter to a friend, Voltaire wrote, “I always made one prayer to God, a very short one. Here it is: ‘O Lord, make our enemies quite ridiculous.’ God granted it.” (“J’ai toujours fait une prière à Dieu, qui est fort courte. La voici: Mon Dieu, rendez nos ennemis bien ridicules! Dieu m’a exaucé.”)

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