I wonder if Kate McKinnon can turn frogs gay too

I wonder if Kate McKinnon can turn frogs gay too

It’s Pride Month.  And like I said yesterday, that means corporations, politicians, and yes, the media are bending over backwards to “celebrate Pride.” Because gays are “marginalized,” don’t you know.

Well, last week CNN had a story about a woman who decided she was a lesbian after watching Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton singing “Hallelujah” on SNL.

Who knew Kate McKinnon had the power to turn a woman gay?

Does Alex Jones know about this?  I mean, if Kate McKinnon can turn a woman gay, who’s to say she can’t turn frogs gay too?

Odd how this lesbian-in-waiting with a husband and kids didn’t discover her latent sexuality after seeing this SNL cast member.

Leslie Jones

The writer of this CNN piece discovered that Kate McKinnon is a lesbian.  But, you know, not like “the awful stereotype often depicted in the media.”

What “media” is this woman watching?

I mean, has she never seen the cast of “The L Word?”

The L-Word

Just look at all those awful stereotypes of lesbians!

How dare the media present lesbians as naked, hot women?! And not, like, oh, say this:

Yes, it’s the media’s fault this “awful stereotype” exists.

Any old how.

The article itself is overwrought and jam-packed with navel-gazing “Me! Me! Me!”

My sister was supportive!

My parents were supportive!

My friends were supportive!

Well, yippie skippie honey!  It’s all about you.

I mean this girl is so self-absorbed, she even felt the need to toss her “supportive” parents under the bus by describing them thus:

I wasn’t sure how to tell my conservative, Georgia-born and bred parents that their former pageant queen daughter was ending her marriage because she is gay.

Speaking of “awful stereotypes,” this chick just formulated an awful stereotype of her own parents.

Naturally, there’s even the requisite appearance of the phrase “My Truth” in this masturbatory bit of prose – specifically, a subhead titled “Living my truth.”

Oy, gevalt. Just a heads up, but the minute someone uses the phrase “my truth,” I dismiss everything and anything she has to say.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I get it.  Deciding you are gay after seeing an SNL clip of Kate McKinnon is bound to make anybody self-absorbed.

But come on.  Is it really something CNN deems “newsworthy” that this woman watched Kate McKinnon on SNL and decided to blow up her entire life to find her hidden gayness?

Except for the fact that this woman went gay after watching SNL, this story reads like the plot of every “Girl Power, Leave My Husband to Find Myself” empowerment chick flick ever made.

Let me know if she plans to drive off a cliff at the Grand Canyon with her girlfriend.

There’s no new ground here.

This isn’t 1950, folks.

In fact, people in marriages have been leaving their spouses and children for all sorts of reasons for millennia.  Is that really something worthy of a column on CNN’s website?

But it’s Pride Month.  So of course CNN wanted to celebrate a selfish, “all about my truth” woman dumping her husband and breaking up a marriage to find a lipstick lesbian like Kate McKinnon.  Because, the gays, man.  They are so marginalized.

Hat tip Twitchy.

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2 thoughts on “I wonder if Kate McKinnon can turn frogs gay too

  • June 11, 2019 at 11:36 am

    I thought gays and trans were the only ones watching SNL anymore… which raises the old chicken or the egg first question.

  • June 12, 2019 at 8:22 am

    What’s the big deal worth “headlines”?
    Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY”, knows that being gay is a choice.
    Always has been, always will be.

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