Ice Cream Meme

One of the things that really got to people about the completely tone-deaf picture the Democrats posted on Twitter yesterday wasn’t just that a picture of Obama eating ice cream isn’t an appropriate way of commemorating Memorial Day.


The other thing that disgusted people was the slobbering Enslaved Press excitedly memorializing Obama eating ice cream as if it were some significant news event.

Look at the girl crouching down in the front. Doesn’t she look like she’s on the verge of grabbing her hair and screaming like she’s watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan?

Speaking of the Beatles.

There’s the old story from when the Beatles were first hitting it big. A woman reporter’s hand brushed against the back of one of the Fab Four. Suddenly, she was swarmed by fans who began kissing her hand.

If that reporter had brushed against the back of Obama, it wouldn’t be ordinary Americans who would swarm her and kiss her hand. It would be fellow members of the Enslaved Press.

They treat Obama like he’s Justin Bieber and they’re on staff at Tiger Beat.

It’s sickening.

It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world, they follow him around like star-struck girls.

Ice Cream Meme 01

Ice Cream Meme 02

Ice Cream Meme 03

Ice Cream Meme 04

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  • May 24, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Awesome! LOL!

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