I’d rather see Donald Trump hand the UN its eviction notice


I have nothing against Nikki Haley. And I’m sure she’d be fine as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. But personally, I’d rather see Donald Trump hand the UN its eviction notice.

Why is the United States permitting this freak show of tyrants and human rights abusers to continue to operate on US soil?

And why in Lucifer’s reach are we pretending this radical, anti-American organization has any purpose or relevance?

Let them set up shop in Saudi Arabia.

Let’s be honest. The United Nations stopped being worthwhile fifty years ago. That is if they were ever worthwhile at all.

The UN is a joke.

An organization that would place Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cuba, China and Venezuela on anything called the Human Rights Council should be stripped of US funding and sent packing.

The United Nations doesn’t make the United States any safer. Nor does it promote peace and security anywhere else.

It fosters neither “cooperation” nor “unity.”

The only thing it does is give legitimacy to tyrannical regimes and shelter to Anti-American, anti-freedom crazies.

If President-Elect Trump is serious about draining the swamp, I’d start by flushing the United Nations.

We should no longer play host to this useless farce of an international organization.

Unless he plans to send Nikki Haley there to serve an eviction notice, why is he wasting his time?

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