If I were Brian Williams, I’d rather be fired

So, NBC is not going to send Brian Williams packing for being a big lying liar.

Instead, he is being removed from NBC News and relocated to MSNBC.

Whew. That’s a kick in nuts.

Frankly, if I were Brian Williams, I’d rather be fired.

Nothing says, “I have zero credibility” quite like being placed on the MSNBC roster.

Trust me, being demoted to MSNBC isn’t exactly like being sent down from the major leagues to the minors.

It’s more along the lines of being sent from the bargain bin to the loony bin.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Flanagan

Will they give Brian his own show?

MSNBC has already proven they’ll give a show to just about anyone. It’s less of a network news channel than it is late night cable access program run out of an insane asylum.

I’m sure the Forehead is delighted. His temporary fill-in gig at NBC Nightly News just became permanent and Brian is on his way to the booby hatch.

If NBC really wants to make him feel welcome, they should fly him in to the roof of the MSNBC building via helicopter that’s taking heavy rotten tomato fire.

American Faker

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One thought on “If I were Brian Williams, I’d rather be fired

  • June 18, 2015 at 11:04 am

    I’m sure that he stayed for the money. He was making $10 million per year as an anchor – and even if they cut his pay by half, and he sat on a stool in the corner all day wearing a dunce cap, it’s a lot more than he can make anywhere else.

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