If Obama Had Been President in 1979

If Barack Obama had been President of the United States in 1979, what side of the Iranian Revolution do you think he would have been on?

Let’s be honest. Carter was bad enough.

Carter abandoned US ally the Shah of Iran which ushered in the rise of the mullahs.

It goes without question that, like Jimmy Carter, Obama would have thrown the Shah of Iran under the bus.

After all, Obama has a track record of abandoning our allies.

But I think Obama would have been far worse than Carter.

Jimmy Carter was just an inept peacenik in so far over his head. And despite wanting to do what was in the best interests of the United States, Jimmy didn’t have a clue how to do that.

Unlike Carter, Obama isn’t burdened with a desire to do what is in the best interest of the United States.

It wasn’t that Carter wanted Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution to send Iran tumbling back into the stone age. And he certainly didn’t want Americans taken hostage.

Instead, Carter just didn’t have the capacity to think through his choices and foresee the damage he was causing.

In a word, Jimmy Carter was incompetent.

But Obama? I don’t believe that Obama is an incompetent, starry-eyed peacenik. Not at all.

Barack Obama’s decisions and choices are conscious. He isn’t stumbling and bumbling his way through foreign policy. He knows what he is doing.

And, he’s on the wrong side.

If Obama had been President in 1979, he would have actively worked to bring the Ayatollah Khomeini back to Iran.

If Obama had been President in 1979, he would have assisted the Ayatollah. He would have demanded that the Shah resign and permit the voices of the young people of Iran to be heard.

You know. Like he did in Egypt with Mubarak.

And in Libya with Gaddafi.

Obama would have assisted the revolution in Iran while making speeches like this:

“There are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. The people of Iran have spoken. Their voices have been heard. And Iran will never be the same. By stepping down, the Shah responded to the Iranian people’s hunger for change. but this is not the end of Iran’s transition. It’s a beginning. I’m sure there will be difficult days ahead and many questions remain unanswered. But I am confident that the people of Iran can find the answers, and do so peacefully, constructively, and in the spirit of unity that has defined these last few weeks, for Iranians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day.”

If those words sound familiar, it’s because they aren’t just made up of whole cloth by Dianny.

In fact, those are the very words from Barack Obama’s February 2011 speech after Hosni Mubarak was forced out of Egypt.

All I did was change the names.

And my guess is, if Obama had been President in 1979, the US would have assisted Khomeini’s revolution. Actually, I have no doubt about it.

And when Iranian students stormed the US Embassy and took our people hostage, if Obama was President, he would have blamed it on some anti-Islam video.

Then he would have gone to the UN and assured Iran that the future doesn’t belong to those who would slander the prophet.

He would have done nothing to retrieve our people. Unless of course the hostages were traitors and Obama had some high-value Iranian prisoners to trade.

If Obama had been President in 1979, he would have appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and told the audience this:

“What had been happening in Iran under the Shah was oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protest.”

He would have defended the capture of American citizens and urged the American people to empathize with their “legitimate grievances.”

If Obama had been President in 1979, Iran would already be a nuclear superpower in the Middle East.

Why? Because Obama would have made this stupid, reckless and insane deal with them back then.

In his absolutely moronic remarks to the Iranian People this past Thursday (see my take on that HERE), Barack Obama said this:

Just over a year ago, we reached an initial understanding regarding Iran’s nuclear program. And both sides have kept our commitments.

But I remember what happened “just over a year ago.”

When he announced his November 2013 agreement with Iran, Barack Obama closed with these words:

“The first step that we’ve taken today marks the most significant and tangible progress that we’ve made with Iran since I took office. And now we must use the months ahead to pursue a lasting and comprehensive settlement that would resolve an issue that has threatened our security — and the security of our allies — for decades. It won’t be easy, and huge challenges remain ahead. But through strong and principled diplomacy, the United States of America will do our part on behalf of a world of greater peace, security, and cooperation among nations.”

But this is what Iranian President Rouhani tweeted out regarding this agreement:

“Our relationship w/the world is based on Iranian nation’s interests. In #Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will”

Obama claimed in his Nowruz remarks, “President Rouhani has said that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon.”

But read that tweet from Rouhani from 2013 again. Hell, I’ll quote it here:

“Our relationship w/the world is based on Iranian nation’s interests. In #Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will”

“Surrendered to Iranian nation’s will.”

This is what Barack Obama is doing today.

So it’s not hard to imagine what Obama would have done had he been President in 1979.

My guess is, he still would have surrendered to the “Iranian nation’s will.”

Only, he would have done it 36 years earlier.

Kind of makes you grateful Carter was just incompetent, doesn’t it?

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