If the NRA is a terrorist organization, BLM would be a lifetime members

I’ve come to expect intellectual dishonesty from the Left.

After all, it’s their primary mode of communication — mostly because their goal is to appeal to deeply stupid and uninformed people.

But they’re not even trying to shoot for anything remotely believable anymore.

For example, take this claim that the NRA is a terrorist organization.

Just the other day, Black Lives Matter tweeted this out:


Oh, please. If the NRA is a terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter would be lifetime members.

And not just them. Linda Sarsour and every other terrorist-loving founder of the Women’s March would all be NRA members in good standing too.

The Democrats would be defending the NRA tooth and nail.

And Barack Obama would have handed them pallets and pallets of cash.

Frankly, it isn’t even worth trying to argue with them over this ridiculous claim.

Why bother?

Black Lives Matter doesn’t really believe that the NRA is a terrorist organization.

But apparently some of their ignorant followers do.

Oh, really? They’re the “literal definition.” Hahahahahaha!

Leftists are the literal definition of dumb.

And they all seem to suffer from projection.

But let’s get to the ooey-gooey center, shall we? The Anti-Gun Leftists have no valid argument against the unalienable right to self-defense.

So instead, they resort to slander, over-the-top rhetoric, and fear mongering.

And when those don’t work, they fall back on threats of violence – you know, like real terrorist organizations do.

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One thought on “If the NRA is a terrorist organization, BLM would be a lifetime members

  • March 12, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Let’s disarm BLM. I’m sure they’ll be very comfortable letting the police protect them. It’s for their own safety, you know.

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