If they lie when there’s video, why would we believe anonymous leaks?

anonymous leaks

You’ve probably guessed that I have not been doing very well this week. And you would be right.

Lupus is a cruel houseguest. And even with a cocktail of medications to control the symptoms, I have some really awful days. Though ordinarily, those awful days don’t all string together like they have this past week.

Yesterday was the capper. I could barely walk let alone sit in my office. My skin had taken on that creepy yellow hue that always freaks me out. So I spent the better part of the day lying on the couch watching episodes of “The Tudors” and trying not to move.

I’m still pretty weak today. But so far, am feeling better than I did yesterday.

And I do want to thank the readers who emailed me with their concern. I appreciate it. It’s nice to know that you miss new material when I’m unwell.

Any old how. Last night I was lying awake listening to the neighborhood dogs barking.

And I got to thinking about this stupid MS-13 debacle from the media, politicians and celebrities.

Now most folks are asking “why would they lie about what was said when there was video proof of the context?”

And that’s a valid question to be sure.

It’s seems like an aggressively stupid thing to do. After all, anyone could play the whole clip and see that the media is once again lying about a Trump statement.

But what occurred to me last night is if they are willing to lie when the context is public record and the lie can be easily exposed, what about all those anonymous leaks?

If they lie about the context when there is video evidence, what are the chances they’re telling the truth about anonymously leaked stories of things said?

For example. That closed door meeting several months ago when President Trump allegedly said of Haiti and countries in Africa that they are shitholes.

Just like Wednesday’s MS-13 are animals statement, the media screamed about “shithole countries” for days.

More recently, an anonymous leaker recounted something a White House staffer said about John McCain during a closed door meeting.

And again, the media told us what was said and proceeded to scream about it for days.

But if the media is willing to lie about something Trump says when we have video context, what are the chances these anonymous leaks are completely in context and accurate?

Get me?

If I were a betting gal, I’d lay money that both the “shithole countries” and “McCain’s dying anyway” statements are just as accurate as “Trump called undocumented immigrants ‘animals.’”

With regard to that “shithole countries” incident, even the people in the room couldn’t agree on what was said.

This MS-13 comment reveals something I don’t think the media wanted out there.

And that’s this:

If they lie even when there is video evidence that they’re lying, why should we believe them when they recount anonymous leaks?

It is a watershed moment.

No doubt about it.

The news media – in their quest to slander Trump – only succeeded in further exposing their lack of credibility and honesty.

Now, they don’t get that.

And they certainly won’t stop trying to smear the President by means of slander.

They lack self-reflection and are far too invested in their Trump Derangement to ever change.

But by lying so brazenly when we can see the context for ourselves, the news media further destroys what little remaining trust any Americans might have in them.

And that being the case, I think they’re pretty much guaranteeing that Trump will be President until 2024.

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3 thoughts on “If they lie when there’s video, why would we believe anonymous leaks?

  • May 18, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    MS-13, like all gangs are a bunch of animals. They’ve always been animals and have always been referred to as animals by normal people. Suddenly because Trump called them animals they have entered the world of Mystic Leftism where men are women, moslems are for peace, guns jump up and murder people and America is a racist country that inexplicably POC are literally dying to get into. Gangs like and personified by MS-13 are the lowest scum on earth and calling them animals is an insult to animals because unlike the usual inner city criminal who acts alone they form a group of thugs who methodically abuse their fellow man for their own amusement. They are like the Joseph Mengele of criminals in that they hut people just for the fun of it.

  • May 19, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    Yikes!!! And yet irrefutable. Thank you!

  • May 19, 2018 at 11:43 pm

    “Humans must never submit to animals”

    – Frank Herbert

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