If we were really serious about saving lives, we’d ban Democrats

Hop in the way-back machine with me to April 2013 for this DIANNY RANT, now available in my first collection of columns RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama.

Several people have been saying instead of banning the Confederate Flag, ban Democrats.

Well, I suggested that during the big Post-Sandy Hook Gun Grab of 2013.

If We Were Really Serious About Saving Lives, We’d Ban Democrats – April 28, 2013

Intellectual dishonesty is a prerequisite for being a Democrat.

I’ve always been amazed at the lengths Democrats will go to avoid seriously debating issues or voicing anything from the neighborhood of facts. I haven’t seen that kind of fancy foot work since I was a kid after I broke one of my brother’s toys and my Mom caught me red-handed as I tried to hide the evidence.

Democrats are like arsonists who douse a home with gallons of gas, set it on fire, then blame the firemen for not being able to put it out in time to save it.

If Democrats were a fringe party in Washington with the blinding strength of a 15 watt bulb, perhaps we could all stand around and say, “aren’t they cute the way they act like children?”

But the children are in charge.

And when Democrats are in charge, people die.

Just ask the families of the five hundred and thirteen people who were murdered in Chicago in 2012.

And these same inept, bloviating morons are in charge of national security. And when Democrats have control of national security, people die.

Just ask the families of the men and women gunned down at Fort Hood. Or, the families of the soldiers killed by the very Afghani forces they are training.

[Which happens when you proudly announce to the enemy the date you plan to up and leave the war – Ah the Democrats.]

Or ask the families of the four men brutally slaughtered in Benghazi.

Or, the families of those killed and maimed in Boston.

[I’d suggest we ask the 50 million people who were legally murdered since 1973, but they never had the chance of becoming “viable,” so we can’t ask them anything. To be fair, they had it coming; they were punishing some girl. God bless abortion!]

Iran thought so little of the children in the Carter Administration, that they didn’t hesitate to take Americans hostage.

They only released them when a grown-up who put the “security” back in national security became President.

Apparently, for Democrats being soft on crime and a quisling in foreign policy is a resume enhancer.

How else do you explain all the talk about Hillary Clinton being a shoe-in for the Democrat nomination in 2016?

If Liberals were intellectually honest about wanting to save lives, they would never elect another Democrat again.

Democrat welfare policies which they coined The War on Poverty (I refer to it as The War on the Family) has done countless damage to blacks in this country. They have systematically destroyed the black family, created generational dependence and systemic poverty – the very thing they claimed to be at war against.

To add insult to injury, Democrats then allied themselves with Teachers’ Unions effectively sentencing minorities and urban children to substandard schools and astronomical dropout rates. Crime increased. Lives were destroyed.

All thanks to Democrats.

We can also thank Democrats for “Gun Free Zones.”

How many lives would be saved if Democrats weren’t so scared of guns?

While Democrats cowered in fear of law-abiding gun owners, crackpot psychopaths make a point of seeking out gun-free zones to shoot up.

How many innocent people would be with us today if Democrat policies didn’t put a bulls-eye on public schools, colleges, movie theaters, and the like?

And to prove that Democrats don’t have a clue what they’re doing, when their policies cause all this misery and death, they double-down on them.

“People are being slaughtered in gun-free zones! We must make more gun-free zones!! Oh, the humanity!!”

If I were an illegal alien, I would think long and hard about having Democrats in my corner. With all the help Democrats have provided to everyone else, I would seriously wonder if citizenship was worth ending up on a slab in the morgue.

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