Take aim at a rampaging elephant, you better not miss

Whelp, it’s deer season. Friends and family alike are spending their Saturdays tramping through the woods hoping for a nice ten-point buck.

My Dad went out not long ago and took aim at a nice one but missed. Hey it happens.

The thing is, if you take aim at a deer and miss, the worst thing that will happen to you is you’ll spend a Saturday in the cold, drizzling temperatures freezing your nuts off in a deer blind.

But if you take aim at a rampaging elephant, you better not miss my friends. Because you will meet a fate far worse.

Perhaps this is the problem with the Enslaved Press being populated by people who take to the fainting couches as the mere mention of guns. A life lesson most of us who have done any hunting or shooting inherently comprehend, these guys simply cannot grasp.

Case in point, the recent effort to take Donald Trump out over his assertion that he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11.

Here’s the thing. Had the Enslaved Press decided to merely assert that Trump was exaggerating, they would have scored a direct hit. Because Trump was exaggerating. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere that “thousands” of New Jersey Muslims were celebrating while watching the carnage across the river in Manhattan.

But that’s not what the Enslaved Press decided to do.

No. It isn’t enough to establish that Trump inflated the numbers either out of sheer exaggeration or for hyperbole. After all, what Presidential candidate doesn’t do a little exaggerating?

Hell, Barack Obama has been president for seven years and he still exaggerates with wild abandon as if he’s still running for office. Just take a gander at his doom and gloom, The End is Near predictions at the Paris Climate Change Conference.

The Enslaved Press wouldn’t have been able to harm Trump by simply asserting he exaggerated. So instead, they decided to “prove” that Donald Trump lied.

They took aim.

They fired.

And, honey, not only did they miss, their misplaced aim blew up in their own faces.

In an effort to prove Trump lied, the Enslaved Press lied.

There were Muslims in New Jersey who were standing on a roof, watching the billowing smoke pour from the Twin Towers celebrating the carnage.

Were there thousands?


But the Enslaved Press didn’t argue Trump exaggerated; they asserted he lied outright.

And because they were bound and determined to portray Trump as a xenophobic, anti-Muslim liar by claiming unequivocally that no such celebrating took place at all, they set themselves up to be disproved by those that were there or who saw it for themselves on television news reports.

Like whoever posted this to YouTube (hat tip Big Fur Hat from iOTWReport.com):

“Suspects, I am told, were cheering on the roof when they saw the plane slam into the Trade Center. Police were called to the building by the neighbors and found eight men celebrating — six of them tenants in the building…”

Sure, it was eight men celebrating, and not “thousands,” but the Enslaved Press didn’t say Trump exaggerated. They said he flat-out lied, that no such celebrations occurred.

So who here is lying?

And why?

As much as the Enslaved Press want to destroy Trump, I don’t believe they are pulling out all the stops to “disprove” his claim about Muslims in New Jersey simply as a way to destroy him.

You want to know what I think?

I think the Enslaved Press is landing with both feet on this story to shield American Muslims.

The narrative of the Left is this:

Islam is a religion of peace. Most Muslims are peaceful and tolerant. Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism. Therefore we should not hesitate to bring more of them in through the “refugee” program.

The fact that fourteen years ago Muslims in America celebrated this horrific act of slaughter flies in the face of the narrative.

Here’s the problem. 9/11 didn’t happen seventy-five years ago. Virtually every person over the age of 25 who lives in the United States have vivid memories of that day. They remember where they were, what they were doing, whom they were with. They can tell you exactly when they heard the news. And the vast majority of them probably spent the next few days with the television news channels playing constantly in the background.

I know I was. Two TVs ran incessantly — one was on CNN, the other on Fox. I never turned them off for at least 48 hours after the 9/11 attack.

On the morning of 9/11, I came home sick and flipped on the TV just as the first tower fell. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And I stayed in that state of horrified disbelief for days. I remember seeing footage of Palestinians celebrating the attacks. It filled me with bile to watch it.

Now, I can’t remember seeing reports of the same thing happening here. But clearly it happened in that neighborhood in New Jersey. If you clicked play on the video above, you saw the actual news report yourself.

But some people saw it with their own eyes.

So why double down? Why continually insist that no such celebrating took place?

I’m convinced it has less to do with Donald Trump and more to do with trying to whitewash our own history in order to paint Muslims in a favorable light.

That’s why the Enslaved Press chose not to focus on Trump’s exaggeration of how many people in New Jersey were celebrating, but instead to try and cast him as a vile and hateful liar.

This is about shielding Islam.

This is all part of the current agenda.

The Enslaved Press have their marching orders. Support, defend and justify Obama’s agenda.

And Barack Obama wants to fling our doors wide open and welcome in thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants from Syria and Iraq. Migrants that cannot be adequately screened to ensure no terrorists lurk among them.

They have to whitewash our recent history because they know if the American people have their attention drawn back to the events of 9/11, they will be far more likely to push back against Obama’s refugee plan.

And here’s why their shot at Trump blew up in their own faces.

By making a stink over Trump’s comments, they are succeeding in drawing our attention back to the events of 9/11.

Yes, they are that stupid.

I’ve said several times over the last few months that Donald Trump is not my first choice for the Republican nomination. To be blunt, the guy makes me nervous. I have no earthly idea what kind of President he would be.

That being said, I have to admit that I’m happy he’s in the mix if for no other reason than he has succeeded in sending the Enslaved Press off the deep end. They have so completely beclowned themselves over Trump that any possible remnants of “credibility” they may have enjoyed have been obliterated.

By a self-inflicted wound.

He has shown that the best way to expose the Enslaved Press is to let the Enslaved Press expose themselves.

And, boy, howdy. Have they ever.

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2 thoughts on “Take aim at a rampaging elephant, you better not miss

  • December 2, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    They weren’t just celebrating in New York and New Jersey. In 2001 I lived in Joplin, Missouri, and the Muslims were celebrating on the campus of the local college. The proof seems to have been scrubbed, but the husband and I remember it vividly.

    Trump may have exaggerated how many celebrants there were in Paterson, but I will guarantee that many thousands were celebrating that day across America.

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