I’ll give you an infrastructure project

Donald Trump’s talk of building a border fence has the Liberals and quite a few Republicans fluttering about like wet hens shrieking to the heavens.

Jorge Ramos — structural engineer that he is — has come out on the record declaring that it is impossible to build a border wall.

Jeb Bush — financial genius and project manager that he is — has claimed that the cost of building a border wall would be hundreds of billions of dollars.

But as Daniel Horowitz pointed out at Conservative Review, that’s simply hogwash.

The 245-mile security fence in Israel cost $450 million, averaging $1.8 million per mile. Assuming the completion of our security fence would cost the same amount, the total tab would come in at just under $2 billion. Even if we use higher estimates of 9 million per mile, as estimated by DHS for the cost of the San Diego fence, that would amount to roughly $6 billion for the project.

Horowitz also points out that the cost savings from preventing the flood of illegals pouring into our country along the southern border would more than make up for the cost of the border wall lickety-split.

Okay, Horowitz doesn’t say “lickety-split.”

Now consider the cost savings of each illegal alien inhibited from entering the country. According to a conservative estimate by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, for every illegal alien that returns home (or is prevented from crossing the border), taxpayers save $700,000. That means we would reach the break-even point after preventing just the first 8,500 illegal immigrants from crossing. Moreover, the cost of other assets that don’t work or are manipulated by the political management will surpass the cost of the border fence and having the fence as a force multiplier will decrease the need for other assets.

In 2009, Barack Obama and the super-majority of Democrats in the Congress forced through a nearly eight hundred billion dollar “Stimulus” ostensibly to go to “infrastructure spending.” How much went to infrastructure?

Three percent.

That’s $24 Billion dollars.

And now that eight hundred billion dollars is included in every single annual budget as part of the baseline.

Don’t tell me we can’t spare the $6 Billion dollars to build a border wall — especially when you consider the cost to build the wall would be more than recouped by the decrease in spending on illegals in the country.

The truth is, this “infrastructure spending” would be the smartest investment the Federal Government could make.

Back in 2013 during one of Obama’s “We need infrastructure spending” campaign runs, I wrote the following column (which is now available in my first volume of columns RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama).

I’ll Give You an Infrastructure Project – April 2, 2013

Barack Obama can’t scare up the paltry amount of money it would take to keep “The People’s House” open to the People. But last week, he was campaigning (For what? Who knows?!) at the Port of Miami demanding twenty-one billion dollars for “infrastructure spending.”

Clearly the Director of Campaign Prop Procurement must have been having a bad day since Obama ended up speaking in front of a crane manufactured in China. Apparently Obama wanted a bunch of mothers whose lives were negatively affected by a lack of Infrastructure Spending, but they were all busy signing up for food stamps and couldn’t make the trip.

Said the perpetual campaigner:
”Instead of picking projects based on pork barrel politics, we’ll pick them based on how good they are for the economy.”

Let’s leave aside the fact that in 2009, Obama pushed and pushed for Congress to pass a nearly eight hundred billion dollar “stimulus” under the pretense that it would “stimulate” our flagging economy, and said “stimulus” really was just one gigantic, supersized barrel of pork. Having the government remove twenty-one billion dollars from the private sector to stimulate the private sector by having people work on infrastructure is troll logic.

Government spending does not improve the economy because Government doesn’t earn money on its own; it can only spend what it takes from the private sector to begin with.

But let’s put all that aside and, for the sake of argument, talk “Infrastructure Spending.”

According to the Campaigner-in-Chief, this twenty-one billion dollars should be spent in a way that is good for the economy.

Let’s go with that.

Barack, have I got a terrific idea on how we could spend taxpayer money on “Infrastructure Spending” that would actually, honest-to-God improve our economy, and make us safer to boot.


Roads and bridges?


Let’s build a damn border fence.

Go ahead and hire local contractors from US/Mexican border states (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas). Let these private sector contractors design, build and install a fully secure, seamless border fence. Hiring these folks to build the fence will generate work in an industry that is sorely lacking work right now. So, that’s good for the economy.

On the plus side, once they’re done, they can take all the illegal labor they used and drop them onto the Mexican side of the fence just for good measure.

Hell, you can even let them use Chinese cranes if it makes you feel better.

You can then fly around the country campaigning (again, for what? Who the hell knows?!) telling your carefully crafted audiences how you are “creating jobs.”

We don’t need a “comprehensive immigration reform” law to enforce our border.

We don’t need to wait for a “gang” in the Senate to propose an “enforce our border” law.

We already have that; it’s called the US Constitution.

And we all know how important it is to you that we think you are a tough foreign policy President.

And border security is a large part of foreign policy. Because without a secure border, we, as a sovereign nation, are weakened.

And you don’t want the US to be weak, do you, Barack?

Personally, I think a lot of Republicans in Congress would get on board with this sort of “Infrastructure Spending” plan.

So, there’s your “bipartisanship” for you!

It’s a win/win!

Go ahead; put your “Infrastructure Spending” money where your incessantly open mouth is.

Go on, Barack.

I dare you.

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