Illegals über alles

Illegals uber alles

Daniel Greenfield has a column over at Front Page Magazine this morning that pretty much sums up what I’ve been saying for the last week.

When it comes to the Democrat Party, it is Illegals über alles.

Greenfield’s column, The Schumer Shutdown Put Illegals Over Americans doesn’t pull any punches.

And it’s well worth reading.

Why do illegal aliens come first for Schumer and Kimmel? Why do they come ahead of soldiers and poor kids? Because it’s all about rigging future elections by using illegal aliens to change state demographics.
The Schumer Shutdown is the big Dem bet on a future national majority manufactured through open borders. The Dems are even willing to throw away the midterm elections to get DACA set. They’re gambling that even if the voters turn on them over putting illegal aliens ahead of soldiers and poor kids, it’s worth taking the risk now if they can get an illegal alien amnesty that ends the two-party system.
The Schumer Shutdown trades the benefits of inner city constituents for the illegal alien votes that the Dems hope to gain once amnesty and everything that comes with it kick in. The Democrats are showing African-American voters that they’re worth less to them than future illegal alien voters.

In fact, I believe the Democrats know that the majority of Americans oppose what they are doing.

But they don’t care.

If they can’t legalize millions of people from third-world, socialist nations, they become politically extinct.

And they are willing to risk alienating American voters in order to get these new, Democrat-leaning voters legalized.

Greenfield makes the same point so many others have made in the past:

Democrats don’t care about illegal aliens out of the goodness of their crooked hearts. If the average illegal alien crossing the border were Republican, the wall would be up yesterday. And it would be topped with heavy artillery and surrounded by a moat filled with piranhas and crocodiles. Drones would fire Hellfire missiles at anyone even looking at it the wrong way because he might be a Republican.
That’s the shameful, disgusting truth.

This isn’t about “diversity is our strength.”

Not at all.

For the Democrats, diversity is their only hope of clinging to power.

More from Greenfield:

Illegal aliens have more concentrated political power per ounce than any of these programs. And when it comes to sniffing out power, lefties have the instincts of bloodhounds. They’re masters at picking which program gets them the most political power and putting it ahead of everything else.
The Dems broke the law to get DACA. They’re breaking the law by trying to keep it. And now they shut down the government to get to full amnesty. That is what political power means to them.

For the Democrats, it will always be Illegals über alles.

They are willing to cast aside black Americans to pursue illegals.


Because the Democrats believe they have broken the will of blacks. They believe that blacks will never abandon them – even if the Democrats abandon blacks.

But black voters alone will not keep the Democrat Party in power.

So now it is Illegals über alles.

But if they’re willing to sacrifice everything American for illegal aliens, what’s American about them? What’s American about a political movement that wants power so badly that it’s willing to break the law, hurt the military and even their own voters, and destroy their own country to get it?
That’s the Schumer Shutdown.

This is an enormous risk the Democrats are taking.

But as is always the case, Democrats are pushing too hard and too far.

And as a result of this Schumer Shutdown, the American people can see with their own eyes that for the Democrat Party, it will always be Illegals über alles.

Not because the Republicans are sending that message.

But because the Democrats themselves are.

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One thought on “Illegals über alles

  • January 22, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    The entire bullshit shtick about a Bipartisan compromise means, “I want everything my way and screw you for thinking otherwise.” Sadly, a lot of people fall for that nonsense.
    A part of compromise means accepting losses and working together, not 90% 10% but Democrats don’t understand basic math.

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