I’m reading Crisis today

Crisis by Kurt Schlichter

You know what a big fan I am of Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull novels. And last weekend, Crisis, the fifth in the series, was released.

So guess how I’m spending my day?

Crisis, though the fifth book in the series, is a prequel.

All the other Turnbull novels take place after America has split into two separate countries. Crisis is the story of how the split happened.

My copy of Crisis came in the mail on Wednesday and I fully planned to wait until today to start it. But I couldn’t stand just leaving it there on my coffee table unread until Saturday. So I didn’t wait.

What can I say? When it comes to Kelly Turnbull, I have zero self-control.

So far, I’m really enjoying it.

Crisis has all the action, humor (and surprise cameos) of the other Turnbull novels. And, as always, current events are making Schlichter’s novels seem less and less like fiction.


I’ve reviewed the previous four books (HERE, HERE, and HERE) and will be offering up my review of Crisis once I’m finished with it.

If you haven’t read any of the Turnbull novels yet, you can find the whole series HERE.

Start with People’s Republic and work your way up to Crisis.

You won’t be sorry.

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One thought on “I’m reading Crisis today

  • November 28, 2020 at 11:44 am

    Finished it yesterday. A little disappointed as this book felt ‘forced’ unlike the previous four in the series. The jokes felt forced, too many present day pol’s and media figures thrown in, etc. Kurt’s a very busy guy with a hand in a lot of pots so clearly he’s writing these part-time but if I were him I would have held off publishing it for a few more months in order to polish it up. Just my humble opinion.

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