Mexican Piñata makers are having a grand old time making Donald Trump Piñatas so folks can beat the snot out of the man who finally has the balls to fight back against illegal immigration.

Imagine if they made Obama Piñatas.

There it is, hanging from a tree while people beat it with bats, sticks and shovels.

Just imagine.

Would the news coverage find it as entertaining as they do these?

Something tells me they’d be all manner of upset.

I mean, remember how everyone reacted to a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask?

Look at this picture. One guy is holding a gun to the head of the Donald Trump Piñata.

Imagine. Just imagine if that were Obama and not Trump.

Dear Lord, there would be demands we go to war with Mexico.


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One thought on “Imagine

  • July 18, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    I think Obama is a Piñata although it is not candy he is full of

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