In victory or defeat, the Left react the same way

Let me start by saying congratulations to Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

The last few weeks were infuriating and stressful even for those of us so far removed. So I cannot imagine what it’s been like for the Kavanaugh family.

Yesterday’s confirmation vote marked a seismic shift in the war to restore our Republic. There’s no denying it; the Left was handed a decisive defeat.

And they are not handling this defeat at all well.

Wow. Turns out Leftists are armed after all. Not with guns, of course. But with a Thesaurus.

“#spreadlove” says the gal saying “fuck everyone who voted for trump or kavanaugh.”

Just adorable, isn’t it?

Then again, these are the same people who bellowed “Love Trumps Hate” back in 2016.


Leftists do not deal with defeat well.

But the truth is, in defeat or victory, they respond the exact same way.

Let’s hop in the Way-Back Machine to June of 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage.

It was a big victory for the Left — no sense denying it.

And how did they respond?

Well, like this:

If that’s how they react in victory, are you surprised at how they react in defeat?

In a column from April, 2014 titled “The Rage of the Left,” (now featured in my second collection of columns RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama), I wrote:

They always get vile and nasty when they win because, for the Left, winning means sticking it to people they hate.

Their motives behind winning are to harm or destroy their enemies.

It doesn’t come from a place of joy, but from a place of rage.

Believe me. If they had been victorious in this vicious smear against Brett Kavanaugh, they would still have been as ugly and awful.

It’s just how they are.

They are miserable, angry people – fueled by resentment and hatred.

And they’ll never be happy; they’ll never be satisfied.

As I said back in my April 2014 column:

They’re like fussy babies that way.

“Good heavens! I’ve fed you! I’ve changed you! I’ve bathed you! You’ve had a nap! Why won’t you stop crying?!”

That’s why it’s a complete waste of time trying to appease the Left.

Which is precisely why President Trump didn’t give in.

And fortunately for us, the Senate Republicans learned from him and held fast as well.

The people who aren’t going to learn anything from this experience are the Leftists.

As they already showed us after Trump won in 2016, they won’t let go of this rage.

The fact is, they can’t let go of their rage.

They’re going to get angrier, uglier and more vicious the closer we get to November.

And it won’t matter if they win or lose in the Midterms, the Left’s response to victory or defeat is going to be the same.

So we might as well hand them another gift-wrapped defeat in November.

They’ll be miserable either way.

But defeating them is a victory for America.

And, really? That’s all that matters.

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5 thoughts on “In victory or defeat, the Left react the same way

  • October 7, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Booker got it wrong. He wasn’t Spartacus. The democrats made Kavanaugh Spartacus. If a man as honorable as Kavanaugh could be viciously accused without evidence, any man (particularly any white man) could be wrongly accused. I am Kavanaugh, as are all the decent men I grew up with who drank in college and who never did, or would, assault a woman. Mothers of upstanding sons, wives of good men, and sisters of loving brothers are also Kavanaugh.

  • October 7, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Ariel needs to buy a comb…and use it!

    The left has such an amazing talent for using every filthy word in the book, don’t they? And they even invent some new ones! Mensa members they are not.

  • October 7, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    If they win and we lose everyone is miserable. If we win and they lose, only they are miserable. I don’t see an upside to losing.

  • October 9, 2018 at 6:34 am

    When Obama was elected they had the presidency,the house and a veto-proof Senate majority.Still,they bitched that there were republicans upright and breathing.It took more than a year to shove Obamacare down our collective throats. Maybe they should have concentrated on amnesty for their next voting bloc instead.

  • October 9, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Every day of the Obama presidency was painful and I never used foul language to describe him or his supporters, nor did anyone I know personally who didn’t subscribe to his views. I tolerated what was revolting to me. Contrasting this, my brother disowned me because I supported Trump. This is the kind of reaction one would expect from an extreme religious fervor. He literally condemned me of being an advocate of murder and a litany of other charges in a tone of absolute moral superiority. this from one who believes abortion is a sacred right. So the left believes in conviction by accusation, guilt by association, collective guilt, inherited guilt and working to better one’s self is selfish and selfishness is the supreme evil of society. And since they care so very deeply they feel their righteousness is self evident. People like us are the cause of all past wars and social evils because we have exclusive groups etc. and hate. I expressed no hatred for them, but that doesn’t matter. The hypocrites are an exclusive group which lashes out in violence against groups they hate. The exact thing they say causes wars. They are no less culpable as their behavior makes self evident.

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