Information Dominance

Information Dominance

Last week a bunch of readers got really angry with me for pointing out that the storming of the Capitol was a tactical mistake for which we on the Right would be paying a heavy price. No matter what the truth is behind the Capitol riot, the Narrative is not being set by those committed to the Truth or “reporting the facts.”

In a nutshell, those who hold a monopoly on information control the Narrative, and the result of that control will be wide-reaching and catastrophic.

Pointing this out was interpreted as “Dianny is telling us to fall in line and turn the other cheek.” Because apparently stating the blazingly obvious about the Left’s monopoly on information means telling people to turn the other cheek.

I get it. Tempers were high. People were angry. And I chose to step into the line of fire.

Fact is, everything I said turned out to be true.

The Democrats and the Corporate Left are using the Capitol riot to clamp down on Free Speech, shut Trump voters out, and justifying all of it by claiming we’re all White Supremacist Insurrectionists. People are being barred from social media. Democrats in Congress want to add anyone who attended the January 6 rally to the No-Fly list.

With the help of the media, Democrats have successfully framed the mob of rioters as “Insurrectionists” looking to seditiously “overthrow our democracy.”

There is a full-court press to force Republican lawmakers out of office using unsubstantiated claims that they “seditiously” aided and abetted the so-called “insurrection.”

When you have Information Dominance, the breadth and depth of your power is limitless.  And the System (as Jesse Kelly calls it) has no problem exploiting that power.

This was the point I was making in that post that got so many of you angry.

Well, this morning I saw a single-sentence tweet from journalist Lara Logan that hits the nail on the head.

We do not live in a world with a level playing field. One side has Information Dominance.

The System controls the Federal government and its bureaucracies; it controls Big Tech, the Corporate Media, and virtually every major American corporation.

And as we saw with Parler, they will all coordinate and collude to destroy anyone who is not on their side.

Faced with that kind of Information Dominance, the tactics of the Left will never work when deployed by the Right.

How does Antifa and Black Lives Matter get away with it?

Easy. They’re on the same side as those who control the Information.

When Antifa or Black Lives Matter storm a government building, attack security, and ransack the place, they will never face legal consequences for their actions. The media will obfuscate or flat-out lie about their motives (“peaceful protests”). What’s more, thanks to this Information Dominance, they can tell these lies with impunity.

The corporations that are targeting Trump supporters and curtailing donations to any Republican who challenged state certifications are the same corporations that donated billions of dollars to Black Lives Matter despite the billions of dollars in damage caused by the BLM riots.

When the Trump Administration deployed Federal law enforcement to secure the Federal building in Portland, Democrats and the Media, using this monopoly on Information, portrayed the Federal officers as “stormtroopers” and “secret police.” The Antifa rioters, on the other hand, were cast in the role of innocent victims of police state tactics whose only crime was “graffiti.”

You’d have to be deeply naïve to think the rioters who stormed the Capitol were going to get the same treatment given to Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

The System’s Information Dominance is wielded like a weapon. And right now, we are the target.

In response to the Capitol riot, members of the loathsome “Squad” are openly discussing forming a Congressional commission to “rein in” the media so “you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.”

Given the reality of Information Dominance, what the “Squad” is proposing is using Congressional authority to ensure that any information that does not conform to the approved Narrative will be labeled “disinformation or misinformation” whether it is or not.

It’s like the lipstick socialist version of The Ministry of Truth.

Jesse Kelly had a great segment on his show about this. Give it a watch:

Read that simple tweet from Lara Logan again.

Man, that is just so on-the-nose.

The side with Information Dominance can set the Narrative and determine what is “true” and what is “false” – not based on Truth versus Lies, but based on Narrative.

And if a stated fact goes against the Narrative, it will be deemed “disinformation” or a flat-out “lie.”

Take, for example, voter fraud.

Simply stating that voter fraud took place in the 2020 election is enough to make you a target. But election fraud did take place. Whether or not it would have changed the outcome of the election remains to be proved, but it is not “disinformation” or a “lie” to say election fraud happened.

Nonetheless, those who control the Information have deemed it a lie.

And not just any lie. It is now “The Big Lie.”

This coming from a so-called “Journalist” who peddled the biggest Big Lie of the 2016 election – namely that Russia colluded with Trump to steal the Presidency from Hillary Clinton.

Facebook announced this past week that any posts featuring “Stop the Steal” will be banned.

Yesterday, Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor actually stated that “lying” about voter fraud is not protected speech (which is, in an of itself, a lie).

When you state something true that is outside the Narrative, you are “lying.” But when you enjoy Information Dominance, you can lie with impunity.

Here are just a few examples.

“Squad” member Ayanna Pressley accused her Republican colleagues of “chemical warfare” for not wearing a mask.

Speaking of the “Squad,” Last night on Rachel Maddow’s show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed she was not safe sheltering with Republican colleagues during the Capitol riot. Because, see, these Republicans were aiding and abetting the rioters.

Yesterday Tucker Carlson featured a clip of Democrat Congressman Patrick Maloney on MSNBC. Maloney claimed that “the enemy is within” and suggested it was a real possibility a Republican member of Congress might bring a gun to Biden’s inauguration in order to assassinate him.

These people have lost their ever-loving minds.

But these outlandish and dishonest claims will not be challenged. That’s the benefit of being on the side that enjoys Information Dominance.

In a country with a fundamental right to Free Speech, this kind of Information Dominance is deeply dangerous.

But this is the reality today.

And this dominance goes far beyond the news media narrative.

It is influencing Congressional committees, potential legislation, and government action.

Not to mention government appointments:

I mentioned a week ago that Biden is prioritizing a “domestic terrorism” bill that, in the words of Homeland Security and Counterterrorism analyst Kyle Shideler, is “A Domestic Terrorism Bill Only Antifa Could Love.”

Introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) S.894 “The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” is a companion bill to House bill H.R. 1931 sponsored by Representative Bradley Schneider (D-Ill.). A version of that bill in the previous congress raised Republican ire after Democrats refused to accept any amendments that made reference to Antifa and left-wing terrorism.

The bill includes a long list of findings that reference terrorist acts allegedly committed by white supremacists or other “far-right” actors. It includes no reference to any other threats.

The legislation would create “domestic terrorism” units or offices in the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI as well as a domestic terrorism “executive committee” within the Department of Justice for coordination.

The legislation directs federal law enforcement and intelligence almost solely against perceived “far-right” threats, as the bill declares “far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States” and then directs law enforcement to use “limited resources” only against the most “significant domestic terrorism threats.” [bold emphasis Dianny’s]

In short, Shideler explains, this an attempt to cement partisan bias in U.S. government terrorism doctrine which “is deeply worrisome.”

Amazing what you can get away with when your side possesses Information Dominance, isn’t it?

Chinese spy-lover Eric Swalwell yesterday announced his return to the House Homeland Security committee by vowing to “focus on highlighting and finding solutions to the scourge of white nationalist extremism.”

See what’s happening here?

American citizens are being turned into terrorists, not because we are terrorists, but because of how we vote. The media and Big Tech are amplifying this claim, and the full force of the U.S. Government is deploying accordingly.

Meanwhile, we have establishment Republicans who poo-poo any talk of “censorship” or “silencing.” They mock people who are raising the alarm about this two-tiered system of Free Speech.

David Reaboi tweet: Information Dominance

Worse still, they are buying lock, stock and barrel the claim that the Capitol riot was a domestic terrorist act by Insurrectionists looking to overthrow the government.

JK Tweet-01: Information Dominance
JK Tweet-02: Information Dominance

Until Republicans in Congress realize that this Information Dominance exists and take the necessary steps to combat it, no amount of bleating about the national debt or “civility” or fiscal restraint, or anything else will matter.

Don’t underestimate the Republican Party’s complicity in the System gaining this dominance.

When Democrats win elections, they waste no time exploiting the dominance they enjoy.

When Republicans win, they distance themselves from their own voters, hold useless hearings, make bold statements on Hannity, then back-peddle at the first sign of pressure. And in the end, they do the sum total of nothing to change The System.

JK tweet-03: Information Dominance

What’s the solution? How do we correct this disparate control of information?

I wish I had the answers.

What I can tell you is the solution will not be found in Washington D.C. Even when Republicans are in control, Washington never solves anything. For the Beltway, it is the status quo, not the Constitution, that must be preserved and protected.

One thing is certain, we have to stop pretending this Information Dominance doesn’t exist.

And whatever counter-offensive we choose has to be tactically realistic. As I said, using the Left’s tactics when we do not enjoy this dominance will not work.

It would be better for us to seek redress from states rather than the Federal government.

Not all of the states, to be sure. New York or California won’t lift a finger to address Information Dominance because they benefit from it. You think Andrew Cuomo would be an Emmy-winning superstar and successful Leader of the COVID Pandemic without enjoying the benefits of Information Dominance?

But some state governments will no doubt be willing to begin dismantling this information monopoly – Texas and Florida come to mind.

One thing states could do is enact civil rights legislation that protects their citizens from discrimination based on political affiliation. That would be a good start.

These protections wouldn’t be limited to Big Tech censorship either. It would also protect citizens from discrimination on college and university campuses. It would protect them from being fired for how they vote. It would protect them from losing bank accounts, insurance plans, or their right to engage in commerce and the Free Market.

So what can you do? You can contact your Governor, your state legislators and/or Senators and urge them to act. And you can vote for anyone who runs to rein in this kind of systemic overreach.

If states lead the way in protecting people from political discrimination, the Federal Government just might be dragged along kicking and screaming to do the same.

Starting at the Federal level will work.

To borrow a trite expression, “Think Federally, but act locally.”

If we begin by focusing on petitioning local and state governments, we might be able to shift the momentum enough to see change on the Federal level as well. 

We still have the problem of the media.

CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post (etc, etc, etc) are not “news,” or a “free press;” they are the propaganda arm of the System. This cannot continue. Eventually we have to create a wall of separation between the news media and government. And, really, I have no idea how to accomplish that.

But one way to start is to dismantle public education and university indoctrination.

Get your children out of government schools. Advocate for school choice, and elect state, local and Federal politicians who will do the same.

If we can break the cycle of indoctrination, the Left’s monopoly on information will take a serious hit.

JK Tweet-04: Information Domination

And it goes without saying that the most important thing we can do is refuse to be silenced. Use your right to Free Speech to defend Free Speech.

As Kurt Schlichter explained in his column aptly titled “Refuse to be Silenced,” it isn’t enough to be in favor of Free Speech, you must be actively anti-censorship.

This fight against Information Dominance will require a multi-layered response, and it will not be easy.

But we have to fight it. Because if we don’t, it will not change.

Whew. I set out to write a brief piece on Lara Logan’s tweet and this is where I ended up.

I know it’s a lot. And it won’t surprise me if 80% of you aren’t even reading this sentence because you gave up midway through (though I hope I’m wrong about that and you’re still with me).

What we’re up against right now goes so far beyond “Big Tech Censorship.” And we absolutely must understand just how pervasive and destructive all of this is.

If left unchallenged, this Information Dominance will tear our country apart. In fact, we’re already straining under the pressure.

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7 thoughts on “Information Dominance

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    I don’t think Texas will be fighting for long against the Information Dominance cabal. Too many people coming from outside Texas (California, Chicago, New York, and probably crossing into the country illegally) are voting for idiots who support the same policies that made their home states/countries such failures. The fake Hispanic O’Rourke only lost by around 3% to Ted Cruz. If “Beto” hadn’t been such a fraud he might have been able to pull it off. That doesn’t bode well for Texas (I’m old enough to remember when Texas was solid Democrat).

  • January 16, 2021 at 1:07 pm

    The estate of Josef Goebbels receives massive royalty payments from the Democrat Party. Why would Leftists ever abandon their blatant LYING? It has worked to their benefit for decades. Watch for all the agents provocateur on Wednesday. This may be their last chance to put on a big show!

  • January 16, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    The stage is already set for the same “terrorists” scenario in major cities on January 20th. Calls for patriots to join in armed protests at state capitols is a set-up for Antifa, BLM, the media and Democrats to subversively fan the flames of that Information Dominance narrative.

  • January 16, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Life as we used to know it is over. We lost because no one had a backbone but Trump. His friends didn’t stand behind him when the game got rough. (sorry Bob)

  • January 16, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    Stayed with you to the end. Your column is good and – difficult to admit – scary. It has all happened so fast! I still want the election software audited in the swing states and this makes me feel three or four subjects behind


  • January 17, 2021 at 11:43 am

    Think of the press as a giant keyboard on which the government can play Joseph Goebbels.

  • January 18, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    Dianny, excellent summation as usual !!!
    A request: Would you kindly do your magic on a pic of CNN and/or MSNBC headquarters with a “Ministry of Truth” right under the CNN logo ???
    Thank you in advance.

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