Interagency consensus is back in charge

Interagency consensus is back in charge

President😂 Biden’s first task after being sworn in was to sign a gigantic stack of executive orders that were already waiting for him on his desk. In other words, interagency consensus is back to running the country again.

You remember why President Trump was impeached last year, right?

Because the unelected bureaucrats that make up the Executive Branch were miffed that the President and Commander-in-Chief was the one determining foreign policy.

The complaint from these unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats was simple. They determined policy, not the President. And the very last thing a duly elected President should dare to do is defy the interagency consensus of the unelected bureaucrats.

That was at the heart of tubby Alexander Vindman’s complaint. He even said as much during his testimony before the House.

Well, hurrah for the Bureaucracy! The defeat of Trump means the days of a duly-elected President deciding policy are over. Once again, with Biden in the White House, interagency consensus is back in charge.

Under Biden, US policy will again be determined by the army of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats that skitter through the Executive Branch like cockroaches.

They write the executive orders, and the only role President😂 Biden plays is signing his name on the dotted line.

As I said in my March 2020 column “Joe is just the vessel:”

These guys want back in. They want their power back.

And Joe Biden is their vessel. He’s their empty barrel to control and maneuver to get their agenda implemented.

Keep in mind. This lot believe that they, and not the president, control policy.


Joe’s policies will actually be their policies. His agenda, their agenda.

Trust me on this one. President😂 Biden doesn’t know the details of any of those executive orders he signed yesterday. But to those interagency consensus people’s way of thinking, he doesn’t need to know. It isn’t his job to know. His only job is to sign his name to their work.

This is the thing the permanent bureaucracy hated most about Trump. Trump, unlike Obama before him, actually believed the President determined policy and the only job of the unelected bureaucrats was to implement it.

Biden will go back to the Obama way. He will outsource US foreign and domestic policy to nameless, faceless drones completely unaccountable to the voters. They will once again determine US policy. Biden’s only job is to sit down at his desk and sign his name to everything they place before him.

And the interagency consensus of the Biden Administration is being determined by people steeped in identity politics, “social justice” causes, and the Climate Cult.

These pitiful people wasted no time getting to work. From big things like overturning the travel ban from terror states and overturning Trump’s ban on critical race theory in the Federal Government to little things like … adding “preferred pronouns” to the White House website contact form.

Yeah, really.

Interagency consensus: preferred pronouns

The interagency consensus crowd even changed the Twitter handle for the Ambassador to Israel to reflect their anti-Israel consensus.

Ambassador to Israel: Interagency Consensus

This particular move by the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats was met with instant outrage. Within hours, that petty, passive-aggressive slam at Israel was hastily changed back to “U.S. Ambassador to Israel.”

But trust me. They’re just testing their boundaries. What they can get away with, they will.

After all, changing a Twitter handle is a tiny thing. They’re more than happy to cave on tiny things.

But the big things? Oh, honey. They will ram those down our throats no matter how much outrage comes their way.

I mean, what are we going to do? Vote them out?

We never voted them in.

James Lindsay tweet: Interagency consensus

Since the interagency consensus is American children should be taught to hate their country and despise white people, it probably isn’t surprising that one of the first things these unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats did was shut down President Trump’s 1776 Commission. Heaven forbid America’s public schools teach American history that doesn’t instruct children to hate their country.

By the way, a lot of people have been saying the 1776 Report has been “scrubbed” from the White House website. This isn’t exactly true. Every new administration gets to launch their own White House website. The previous Administration’s website is archived, but still available online. If you haven’t yet read the 1776 Report, you can still find the PDF in the archive of President Trump’s White House website HERE.


The fact is, every promise Biden made during the campaign is moot. From his assurances that he wouldn’t ban fracking to his vow to grow our economy – none of those promises will translate into action because he isn’t the one taking action. Joe Biden was never going to be the one taking action. That was never part of the plan.

President😂 Biden is merely the figurehead.

The real power is once again in the hands of people we never heard of, whose jobs are guaranteed, and who are not in any way answerable to the American people.

We didn’t vote for them.

We never would have voted for them.

For all Biden’s crowing at his Inauguration that “Democracy has prevailed,” as of noon yesterday, these nameless bureaucrats we didn’t democratically elect are now the ones in charge.

But, hey. At least Biden’s tweets won’t be mean.

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