Is All this a Set-up for Reparations?

So, you got the Mayor of Baltimore begging the Justice Department to come in and federalize the Baltimore police because they are allegedly racist.

You got Obama claiming that the reason blacks in Ferguson and Baltimore burned their neighborhoods to the ground was because of slavery and Jim Crow.

You got Michelle Obama going to Tuskegee University and kvetching about how differently she and Barack are treated ostensibly because they are black, claiming that schools are all segregated and whining to the graduates that they will be treated differently too no matter how well educated they are.

You got Barack Obama complaining about “hedge fund managers” and people who remove their children from public schools and send them to private schools so that they don’t have to intermingle with poor people.

Not to mention, we’ve had six solid years of them screaming RACIST at the tops of their lungs over every single solitary thing.

Six solid years of this President and his Administration fanning the flames of racial division.

Six solid years of kvetching about slavery as if America just yesterday freed the slaves.

And I can’t help but wonder. Is Obama planning another Executive Order? Is all this a set-up for reparations?

One thing we’ve all come to expect from the Obama Administration is a coordinated effort to enact his radical agenda by planting seeds along the way.

The push to force “the rich” to pay “their fair share” of taxes, the complaining about how the rich keep the poor in poverty by stealing all the money from them. Even Obama’s speech at Selma seemed to be, not about the push for Civil Rights, but the reminder to all in attendance that slavery used to exist here in America. Why, slaves even built the White House.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being hyper-suspicious, but Obama is a true Alinsky follower. He knows how to frame things and push things in a certain direction using fear, the threat of harm, grievances and resentments.

And, after all. If you spread the wealth around, it’s better for everybody.

Obama’s class and race warfare has been kicked up a notch over the last half year, if that’s possible.

It all makes my spider sense tingle.

If Obama can, with the wave of his mighty pen, legalize millions of illegal aliens and then expect us to foot the bill for their medical care, education, food and housing, while also paying for their retroactive Earned Income Tax Credits, is it really that much of a stretch to think Obama would use his mighty pen to redistribute wealth to blacks claiming it is reparations for slavery?

Forget the fact that we have spent over twenty trillion dollars allegedly fighting a War on Poverty. Apparently that wasn’t enough. If it were, Obama would shut the hell up about spending more.

But let’s be honest here. When Obama talks about “the poor” and “poverty,” he’s never talking about white people like those who live in coal mining country or Appalachia. He’s talking about blacks, as if blacks are the only people below the poverty line.

If that’s the case, I must be black.

I can’t help but wonder if his equating blacks with the poor is a conscious decision. Part of the coordinated effort to justify reparations.

I can just picture it. Obama going to the site of some famous civil rights event, making a big speech about the poor and poverty and blacks and slavery and Jim Crow, then signing an Executive Order demanding that every single black American receive a lump sum payment from the IRS. Then he will claim that this is the right thing to do to help repair the damages of having had slavery in this country one hundred and fifty years ago. That reparations are in keeping with our values.

Can’t you hear him?

Now, I’m not being a conspiracy theorist.

Like the rest of you, I have endured life in Obama’s America for over six years. I have seen how he maneuvers. I’ve seen how he creates a crisis or problem in order to have a justification to move ahead with some completely unacceptable policy. I’ve seen how he defies the will of the people and the separation of powers to get it done. I’ve seen how he carefully lays the traps by making sure everyone from his Administration parrots the talking points that help create the crisis in search of a solution.

And I’m telling you. My spider sense is tingling.

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