Is De-Nile in Iraq?


You know the old saying, de-nile isn’t just a river in Egypt.

But is De-Nile in Iraq?

Barack Obama claimed in an interview that appears in the Atlantic that we are not losing the war against ISIS.

Just some observations from Planet Earth.

When did we declare war against ISIS? Did Congress, in its power outlined in Article I, Section 7 actually vote on a declaration of war? If so, where was I?

As the old casino expression goes, you can’t win if you don’t play.

I realize that Barack Obama isn’t exactly the most military-minded Commander-in-Chief we’ve had. He makes draft-dodger Bill Clinton look downright spit and polish by comparison.

But he does understand that in order to “win” a war, we have to first declare war and then put every possible winning strategy in place to secure victory.

Obama spends more time outlining everything he will NOT do in a fight against ISIS then actually DOING anything.

Military personnel seem to all concur that in order to actually WIN, we have to be willing to FIGHT.

You can’t win on the sidelines.

Liberals have this argument, “Are you saying you want to put troops back in Iraq?! Are you saying you want to send our sons and daughters back to Iraq?! You’re a Neo-Con!”

But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

A friend of mine shared this image on Facebook last night:

During the first six weeks of the Iraq War, US planes flew 41,000 sorties. Of those, over twenty-thousand were fighter missions.

In six weeks.

Obama seems very proud of the thirty-nine hundred airstrikes the US has done since August 2014.

Over twenty-thousand fighter missions in six weeks versus thirty-nine hundred in nine months.

Forget “boots on the ground.” Imagine if the US had run over twenty-thousand missions in these same nine months.

ISIS wouldn’t have a moment to collect its breath, let alone crucify, rape, murder, behead, burn alive, and take over cities.

But we didn’t do twenty-thousand. We’ve done thirty-nine hundred.

That’s like trying to cut down an oak tree with a butter knife.

It’s as if Obama, as squeamish as he is about military force, just can’t bring himself to go all in. He wants to fuss about on the edges so that he appears to be doing something while at the same time staying clear of actually having to do anything of substance.

You don’t clean your house by putting all the crap that’s lying around in the bathtub and closing the shower curtain. That isn’t so much cleaning as it is giving your home the appearance that it’s clean when in fact there’s a lot of crap behind the shower curtain.

Considering the fact that his National Security Advisor and Sunday Morning Talk Show Fibber Susan Rice told a group of Veterans that the Obama Administration ended two wars “responsibly,” does Obama even want “victory” against ISIS?

If you have an Administration that is far more concerned with “responsible” war-ending than it is in “victory,” how can we win against ISIS?

And, frankly, what’s responsible about cutting and running just so you have a campaign talking point on having “ended” a war?!

When you are focused on popular opinion and political expedience, you do not have US National Interests at heart. And you most certainly aren’t looking for victory.

Is Obama in denial?

Or is this just one more example in a long, long line of examples of the Obama Administration flagrantly lying in our faces?

Is Obama delusional?

Only in the sense that he believes that he can say anything, no matter how flagrant a lie, and we will believe him.

It reminds me of Germany in 1945 as the Allied forces were converging on Berlin, but the Nazis continued to talk about victory being at hand.

Hitler’s Third Reich used to be unmatched in its effort to lie to its people.

Then came Obama.

The Obama Administration sticks to their moronic, deeply dishonest talking points come hell or high water.

It reminds me of an old book I used to have called The Trouble With Angels by Jane Trahey. It was made into a movie with Rosalind Russell and Hayley Mills, so you may be familiar with the story. The book is long since out of print, but as a teenager, I found my Mom’s copy and must have read it a hundred times.

In preparing for the graduation from this all-girls’ Catholic school, the nuns impress upon the graduates that they are never to look around at each other, or out into the audience, but instead must keep their eyes straight ahead at all times during the commencement. The main character/narrator jokes that if something should happen that would make the bleachers collapse, the fire department would arrive to find every single girl lying about with their eyes still fixed straight ahead of them.

The Obama Administration is quite like that.

No matter what happens. No matter how horrific and terrible, they keep to their talking points.

Ramadi falls.

Palmyra falls.

ISIS gobbles up Syria.

Thousands of Iraqi Christians are murdered.

Coptic Christians are beheaded in Libya.

Thousands of women raped and enslaved.

And, according to Ynet News, Israeli customs officers confiscated 120 ISIS rings bound for the Palestinian Authority.

And yet ISIS has been degraded and we are winning!

Like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, while ISIS systematically hacks away, Obama believes he’s winning the fight.

ISIS Black Knight

I really do believe that if ISIS does in fact raise its flag over the White House, Obama will step outside, look up at the roof and say, “Isn’t that something? We’ve totally degraded ISIS!”

Everything, and I mean everything that Barack Obama does he does for purely political and ideological reasons. National security does not factor in. Sound military strategy does not factor in. And certainly victory does not factor in.

What has resulted is a sickening stew of half-measures and half-hearted interest from a man known for his unfortunate habit of getting bored easily and wanting to move on to something more fun.

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  • May 22, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    It’s like you said yesterday Dianny, Obama’s goal is to fix this imaginary global warming and there will be peace and harmony throughout the world. That’s how he’s working at winning the war with ISIS.

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