Is Idris Elba an idiot?

Idris Elba

I saw this tweet from Vanity Fair this evening. Brace yourselves.


So, either Idris Elba is an idiot or he’s totally cool with someone’s life being ruined by an allegation.

What was more shocking were the number of people in the replies who just LOVED that he said this.

Oh, yes.  Isn’t it sexy when someone tosses aside civil liberties and the presumption of innocence?

Actually, he’s very wrong.

I did find a sane person who commented on this tweet.

But the sane ones were few and far between.

In fact, that sane tweet didn’t go over well at all:

Falsely accused men go to prison all the time. But, hey, at least their careers weren’t destroyed.

But prison isn’t even the worst thing that happens to those falsely accused.  Some of them end up being beaten and lynched.

“Hey, what’s the big if you get falsely accused and your life goes under a microscope for all the world to see?  And, sure, you might end up in prison.  But it isn’t like your career will be ruined,” said some dumbass with a peach as a screen name.

Let’s be honest.

Everybody has something to hide – guilty, innocent, it doesn’t matter.  Everybody does.  Even the idiots on social media who burp out every last detail of their lives are hiding something.

The public does not have the right to every detail of your life – even if you are accused of a crime.

But for Idris Elba, having a problem with your life being smeared in the court of public opinion means you’re hiding your guilt.

And the clapping seals on Twitter swoon with delight.

And that’s what I find so remarkable about this.

How is it that so many Americans are completely fine with tossing out the Fourth and Fifth Amendments without a moment’s hesitation because the guy who burps out the nonsense is “sexy?”

Let’s take this idea of “only someone with something to hide would find this difficult.”

A woman accuses you of stealing her computer and printer.

You didn’t.

She goes on social media and posts your name, address and photo and tells everyone you stole from her.

Again, you didn’t do it.

Idris Elba would think, “Hey, you shouldn’t find that difficult being doxxed on social media if you didn’t do it.”

Of course by now, you’ve been getting harassing phone calls and people coming to your door and screaming at you.

When the police arrive, they’re not there because of the harassment; they’re there because the woman called them and reported you.  So they ask to search your house.

You say no, not without a warrant — as is your right.

If Idris Elba was the cop, he’d say, “Hey, what’s the problem? Only someone with something to hide would have difficulty with warrantless searches.”

You ask the police to do something about the people calling you and making threats.

Officer Idris Elba chuckles and says, “Are you hiding something? Why else would this bother you?”

You then reply, “Get off my porch. Come back with a warrant.  In the meantime, I’m closing my door and calling my attorney.”

Then Officer Elba would reply, “Hey, only someone with something to hide calls an attorney.”

Then again, maybe Idris thinks it’s just for sexual assault that smearing you on social media is okay and your Constitutionally protected rights do not apply.

As if that somehow makes it all right.

Is Idris Elba too much of an idiot to realize just how dangerous this kind of thinking is?

Or doesn’t he care?

Of course there’s a third possibility.  Maybe he has something to hide.

I know! Let’s accuse him of rape, smear him on social media and have the media tear his life apart.

And if it turns out he didn’t have anything to hide, I’m sure he’ll be totally fine with us doing that.


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5 thoughts on “Is Idris Elba an idiot?

  • December 18, 2018 at 8:45 am

    I’m sorry but I have no idea what an Idris Elba is and now I really don’t want to.

    • December 18, 2018 at 10:44 am

      He’s the guy in the picture.

      Here to help!

  • December 18, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    His name always sounded like a water fowl to me. A water fowl with the tendency to drown because of their lack of common sense. lol.

    Now that he’s made that moronic comment, I’m sure some Hollywood tart would more than happily accuse him of sexual assault within the next week or so. Because that’s how it works, isn’t it?
    Actor makes holier than thou statement, irony punches him/her in the nuts the following day.

    Poor poor Ibex Elbow.

    • December 18, 2018 at 12:52 pm

      I read this comment and could hear the National Geographic program in my head.

      Shot opens in a marsh. The sounds of chirping birds and croaking frogs.

      NARRATOR: “This is the habitat for the Marshland Idris Elba.”

      More chirping is heard as camera zooms in on the bird.

      NARRATOR: “Known for its insipid call and loud sucking sounds, the Idris Elba tends to attract the attention of the lesser-known Fangirl Crushes. The Fangirl Crushes are known for being attracted to insipid calls and loud sucking sounds as well as their desperate, gushing mating dance.”

  • December 18, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    I think guys spout this bilge in order to have women think they are hip and sexy………its game play in order to get sack time. Its also a way to stay employed in liberal fields.

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