Is Mitt Romney past his sell date?

Mitt Romney

Poor Mitt Romney.

I’m certain that when he decided to make a run for Orin Hatch’s Senate seat, he saw himself as a shoe-in.

But like one of the ugly step-sisters, the shoe doesn’t seem to fit him.

Is it wrong that this pleases me?

Because, I admit, it pleases me to no end.

Delegates at Utah’s Republican Party Convention voted yesterday and Mitt came in second to state legislator Mike Kennedy.

Granted, it was a squeaker. Kennedy received 50.18% of the vote to Romney’s 49.12%. But still.

You’d think national name recognition and his previous standing as Republican Presidential Loser Nominee would have swayed the vote in his direction.

But then again, perhaps Mitt Romney is finally past his sell date.

In response to coming in second to a guy who actually, you know, lives in Utah, Romney said, “I’m delighted with the outcome.”

But of course he is!

He’s used to coming in second.

Personally, nothing would please me more than Mitt Romney losing in the June primary.

Does that sound meanspirited?

Well, if it does, I don’t care.

I’ve had enough of squishy, back-stabbing RINOs in the Senate.

Hat tip Fox News.

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One thought on “Is Mitt Romney past his sell date?

  • April 22, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    For me he past it 35 years ago! But As y’all know I’m a conservative ReaganDemocrat!

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