Is that a threat or a promise?

According to the The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie “Space to Destroy” Rawlings-Blake has issued a travel ban to North Carolina and Mississippi for all Baltimore city officials. Okay. You promise?

First of all, how vital is it to North Carolina and Mississippi’s economy to have Baltimore city officials traveling there? I would think a threat of this nature coming from Baltimore will have about as much impact on North Carolina and Mississippi as a similar letter coming from Outer Mongolia.

This is like having a party at your home and someone whom you didn’t invite sends you a letter letting you know that they’re not going to come to your party. I kinda doubt North Carolina and Mississippi is going to rend their garments and don sackcloth and ashes over the news that the people who drove Baltimore into the ground aren’t going to step foot in their states.

If there’s a CVS in either state, they probably just breathed a sigh of relief. Toilet paper, beer and cigarettes are safe, the folks from Baltimore aren’t coming!

“I am hopeful that our efforts, combined with those of so many other progressive governments and companies, will push North Carolina and Mississippi to make the changes necessary to respect all citizens,” Rawlings-Blake wrote in her letter.

Actually, I am hopeful that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory sends you a thank you card when he learns the news that you’re staying away.

So, you go ahead and stay out, Steph. Something tells me the residents of Baltimore who can afford to relocate would be more than happy to move to either North Carolina or Mississippi if for no other reason than their economic prospects would improve.

Honestly, who died and made Stephanie Rawlings-Blake a moral authority over anything? Stop fretting over North Carolina and Mississippi Steph, and tend to your own crumbling city.

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One thought on “Is that a threat or a promise?

  • May 12, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Good analogy regarding the uninvited person but perhaps it would have worked better if that person was someone you don’t know, never heard of and lives in a town you never heard of……………….
    IOW – not even worth replying to.

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