Is the Marxist Catholic?

I bet the more conservative cardinals from Europe are kicking themselves right about now while they make a mental note never choose a pope from Central or South America ever, ever, ever again.

Listen, Pope Francis’ soft spot for Marxism doesn’t surprise me in the least. For the same reason Obama has chosen illegals from Central and South America to remake the American voter into someone more tolerant of Marxism, I knew Pope Francis was going to be more tolerant of Marxism.

There’s a reason for the saying “banana republic.”

Central and South America have been the Marxist playground for decades. Reagan fought the encroachment of Soviet-backed Marxist dictatorships in the region. It’s why we invaded Grenada. It’s why he supported the Contras over Daniel Ortega.

Central and South America are a Marxist breeding ground.

Is the Pope a Marxist? If he isn’t, it’s clear that he’s more than comfortable with it. It’s why he’s cozying up to the Castros. It’s why he’s embracing the Palestinian State.

Let’s be honest here. Francis is to the Catholic Church what Obama is to the United States.

Is the Marxist Catholic

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