Is the Walk Away Movement giving Facebook the jitters?

Facebook suspends Straka

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Facebook like the rest of the tech monopolies is working tirelessly to collude with the Democrat Party in the lead-up to the Midterms.

When the Walk Away movement exploded on social media, it was the Facebook video from founder Brandon Straka that got the ball rolling.

The interest in this movement is undeniable.

And its reach is unmistakable.

Straka plans a Walk Away March in Washington on the weekend of October 26.

So is anybody shocked that Facebook came up with a trumped up reason to give Brandon a thirty day suspension?

I said back on July 4th that the Democrats should be concerned about Walk Away.

And clearly they are.

So in rides Cyborg Mark Zuckerberg to give the Democrats an assist by silencing this impudent young man in the lead-up to the Walk Away March.

How is this not election interference?

How is this any different from Obama’s IRS harassing Tea Party groups in the lead-up to the 2012 election?

Actually, there is one difference.

In many ways, Facebook and Twitter have more power than Lois Lerner could ever have hoped to wield.

Big Tech Monopolies

Clearly the Walk Away movement is giving the Democrats and their tech monopoly storm troopers a serious case of the jitters.

Can you blame them?

A movement that encourages Democrats to walk away from a party that has become out of touch, violent and unhinged could be devastating this close to the Midterm elections — especially given the Democrats’ desire for a Blue Wave.

If you really want a Spartacus, it isn’t the preening idiot Cory Booker.

No. Instead, it’s Brandon Straka.

He is rebelling against the Democrat Plantation and firing up other Democrats to do the same.

And Facebook is attempting to put this rebellion down in the most dishonest and craven way possible.

But there’s no putting this genie back into the bottle.

And Straka isn’t the only one on Facebook who can promote the Walk Away March on Washington.

We all can.

Share on Facebook.

And get the word out.

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One thought on “Is the Walk Away Movement giving Facebook the jitters?

  • September 13, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Not surprised in the least. It’s time for Congress to bring these guys to heel.

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