Is this supposed to be a threat?

Ever since President Trump hinted that the White House might revoke other reporters’ credentials, the Handmaids in the media have been murmuring about a boycott of the White House Press Briefings.

Of course, some of them have been making that threat since Jim Acosta got the heave-ho.

Like this Washington Post reporter:


If that’s a threat, you don’t seem to comprehend how a threat works.

You threaten to do something that folks are begging you not to do.

You don’t threaten to do something most folks wish you would do.

This is like saying, “If you don’t let me come to your party, get drunk, puke on the food table and get into fights, then I’m not coming to your stupid party!”

Or, it’s like cat-owning, crabby feminists vowing to withhold sex until you vote the way they want.

It’s just not much of a threat.

The fact is, if these partisan Trump haters boycotted the White House Press Briefings, the reporters that remain will be those who actually take their job seriously and ask honest, probing questions.

Sounds glorious, no?

We haven’t had that in years.

From 2009 until 2016, we had a gaggle of fanboys and fangirls asking “Tiger Beat”-level gushing questions while trying to refrain from asking for Obama’s autograph.

And from 2017 to now, it’s been nothing but combative haters hurling attacks, making wild accusations, and playing to the cameras while filibustering the briefing.

Have you ever watched a State Department briefing?

Now that’s how reporters are supposed to behave.

These White House Press Briefings have become a clown show.

And now you want “the press” to boycott?

Go ahead. Please, please, please do.

And don’t let the door hit your the ass on the way out.

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2 thoughts on “Is this supposed to be a threat?

  • November 10, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    You left off the stupidity of the press corp in previous administrations. Bush years were particularly bad. Reagan too. Bush Sr., Ford were made fun of while Clinton and Kennedy fawned over. Nixon was vilified along the lines of Dubya.

  • November 10, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    In my new book, “Why Jesus Voted For Trump” (coming out next month) I try to address why we have so many stupid people in the media.

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