This isn’t an attack of conscience; it’s craven opportunism

Craven Opportunism

After weeks of dodging the accusations made against Al Franken, prominent Senate Democrats — including Kirsten “Take Back the Night” Gillibrand — are now demanding that he resign.

So what changed?

Did these Democrats get visited by three spirits during the night and wake up with an attack of conscience?

Of course not.

Everything the Democrats do is craven opportunism.

And this is craven opportunism.

The reason it took them nearly a month to come out for Franken’s head is first they had to have a plan in place.

Before Franken leaves, the Democrats in the Senate, the DNC and Minnesota’s governor needed to make sure they were all in agreement on who would replace him.

If I had to guess, I’d say it went down something like this.

Senate Democrat leaders exchanged calls with the DNC and agreed that this is the perfect opportunity for Keith Ellison to be made a Senator. Then, they contacted the governor of Minnesota and let him know of their decision.

And once everybody was in agreement, it was safe to start calling for Franken’s resignation.

There really is no down-side to forcing Franken out.

It isn’t like he’ll be replaced with a Republican.

Much like John Conyers before him, Franken’s seat is a guaranteed Democrat seat.

If Al Franken was a Senator from Nebraska or Kentucky, none of these sanctimonious Democrat Senators would be demanding his head.

Ask yourself this. If the Democrats really stood on the moral high ground, why didn’t they demand that Bob Menendez resign? The man enjoys the company of underage prostitutes.

And yet there he is, still in the Senate.

The reason is obvious. If Menendez was forced out, it would be a Republican Governor — Chris Christie – appointing his replacement.

So Kirsten Gillibrand – who by the way is an outspoken opponent of human trafficking – isn’t going to demand that Bob “Underage Prostitutes” Menendez resign.

(Though, after January when New Jersey has a Democrat Governor, she might have another phony attack of conscience. We’ll see.)

This isn’t the Democrats occupying the moral high ground. Not in the least.

It’s craven opportunism.

Tucker Carlson addressed this last night on his show.

And his take is spot-on. Give it a watch (if the video doesn’t play watch it HERE):

I agree with Tucker that Franken should not be forced to resign over anonymous allegations made against him before he became a Senator.

It isn’t that I don’t think Franken is a slimy, disgusting man. Because he is a slimy, disgusting man. But he has the right to face his accusers and defend himself.

The truth is, Democrats wouldn’t care if he stayed or not. They’re not bothered by the accusations. It’s just that right now, craven opportunists that they are, calling for his resignation benefits them politically.

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3 thoughts on “This isn’t an attack of conscience; it’s craven opportunism

  • December 7, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Absolutely right! Those saying otherwise are IDs! Stupid or crooked.

  • December 7, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    There was a comment by a Breitbart blogger blahdeblahblah on the article “Chelsea handler Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick I’m sorry I believe you”

    blahdeblahblah • 2 minutes ago
    “Dear Libs:
    Sorry, the statute of limitations ran out long ago on disavowing Bill Clinton and his enabler wife. We know you’re only doing this so you give yourself absolution from the charge of utter hypocrisy. You own it.
    Everyone else”

    Here’s the sentence that caught my attention: “We know you’re only doing this so you give yourself absolution from the charge of utter hypocrisy”

  • December 7, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    My Prayer to Jesus on this birthday this year is a hard wish to fulfill but my faith in My Master tells me He can do this for me…and at the same time do it for all red blooded Patriot Americans as well….
    “Please Dear Lord, give me the knowledge to teach those of us who have no formal education beyond the 5th/8th grade level, that a person calling themselves democrats and promising you a better life, is telling a lie, they are bearing false witness against your neighbors. This would be the only gift for me and would be a blessing for those that I could reach with the knowledge you would bestow on me. The very lives of many of your children could and would be enriched and made whole and rewarding, if I could but open them up to the truth and honesty of those who truly do wish to help and improve their existence on this earth. Thank you My Loving Master and Happy Birthday!”
    *No it isn’t sarcasm. I know it sounds hokey but I really do wish and PRAY for a way to reach the low info voters who keep the likes of Frankenstein, Conyers, hell too many to list!, in a place of power over them that spills over to We The People who did not nor would ever vote for them!
    Thanks for letting me vent/rant but damn these pervs rankle my soul!

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