It isn’t outrage, Joy; it’s Schadenfreude

The shrillest voices on the Left have kicked it up to Spinal Tap 11 this weekend.

See, they’re super angry that people who support Donald Trump are making hay over Harvey Weinstein’s three decades of piggish behavior.

We’re not allowed to comment on it, don’t you know.

Because we support Donald Trump who said boorish things in a tape twelve years ago.

Only a Leftist like Joy Reid would follow-up “full stop” with “But.” Hey, dummy. It isn’t full stop if you have to add a “but.”

First of all, Joy. I don’t curtsy because it’s kinda gay.

And another thing. I’m not a GOPer.

But more to the point, I’m not outraged. This has nothing to do with outrage and everything to do with Schadenfreude.

We’re not feigning outrage over what Harvey Weinstein did.

Mostly because we don’t feign outrage. That’s what you guys do.

Instead, we’re marveling at the blinding hypocrisy of people like you who clutched your pearls and howled in horror over Mr. Trump’s ribald talk from twelve years ago.

For decades you — our social betters in Hollywood and Manhattan – simply looked away while Harvey Weinstein sexually abused women and, apparently, potted plants.

But it’s not outrage we’re feeling, honey. We’re enjoying a little bit of Schadenfreude.

Sure, Donald Trump’s language in that twelve-year-old tape was coarse and boorish.

But everything he said turned out to be true.

Powerful men can get away with the most vile behavior with women and nobody will say boo.

It’s Schadenfreude that the person who proved Trump’s point is a powerful Democrat donor and Hollywood producer. The same powerful Democrat donor that politicians, celebrities and you guys in the media sucked up to for years.

And let’s be honest, Joy. If Donald Trump actually treated women the way Harvey Weinstein did, don’t you think we’d have heard about it endlessly? For all the Trump hate in the media, you know as well as I do Joy, that if Trump behaved the way Weinstein did, it would be 24/7 on your network and CNN.

But the only women who accused him during the final run up to the election disappeared when their stories came apart like a cheap sweater in the spin cycle.

And all you have to point to is a twelve-year-old recording of Trump talking like a guy to another guy.

Which leads me to suspect that compared to Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump was a choir boy.

Meanwhile, Weinstein has been using his power to sexually abuse women for three decades. And for three decades, celebrities and the media clammed up and let it happen.

And despite your claim that “what Harvey Weinstein did was awful,” even now you are trying to excuse it but sputtering, “But Trump!!”

This silly attempt to create a moral equivalence between the way Trump talked twelve years ago to the actions Weinstein did for three decades is disingenuous at best.

And honey. This isn’t outrage.

This is well-deserved Schadenfreude.

We are enjoying watching you Trump-hating hypocrites get exposed for the sanctimonious frauds that you are.

And it’s all kinds of satisfying.

Meryl Streep turned her Golden Globe speech into a self-righteous screed against Donald Trump.

And yet Meryl has yet to turn her sights on Harvey Weinstein.

That doesn’t outrage us, Joy.

It fills us with well-earned delight.

We’re watching the people who insist that they’re our moral and social betters get exposed as the biggest stinking hypocrites on the planet.

And that kind of Schadenfreude is just too delicious to pass up.

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3 thoughts on “It isn’t outrage, Joy; it’s Schadenfreude

  • October 8, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Again Ann nails it!

  • October 9, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Why is it that the 2 “prominent” women named JOY are anything but?

    To equate a stupid locker room comment that DJT may have made years ago with the on-going sexual assaults by that raging pig Weinstein is beyond ridiculous.

  • October 9, 2017 at 8:47 am

    What Weinstein did does not even compare to Trump’s locker room talk…not even close. Only leftards would use that as a defense.

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