It isn’t 1998

Hillary’s impending implosion is set to go off like the C-4 strapped to the load-bearing walls of Three Rivers Stadium.

Really, it’s only a matter of time.

I’ve been saying for over a year now that the likelihood of Hillary Clinton being the Democrat nominee in 2016 is slim at best.

Typically, I get the same reaction:

“Come on! The Clintons never go down for what they do.”

“Sure, it would be nice to see Hillary get what she deserves, but we know how the Clintons get away with murder.”

Yeah. They are a lot like Ted Kennedy in that respect.

But here’s the thing.

It isn’t 1998.

The Clintons were for all intents and purposes the King and Queen of the Democrat Party in 1998.

They had the Enslaved Press firmly in their back pocket then.

They don’t today.

They had the full force of the Democrat Party behind them then.

They don’t today.

Plus, Hillary isn’t Bill.

Bill may have been a sexual predator, but he had that good-old boy charm and pro-abortion stance.

Hillary has the pro-abortion thing down pat.

But charm? Not even a little.

She makes the Borg look warm and engaging.

Hillary of the Borg

It isn’t 1998.

And Hillary isn’t Bill.

Plus, don’t forget that this whole email/private server story was leaked by the Obama White House.


Back in March when the email story first broke, I wrote a column called The Long Knives are Out in which I theorized that Valerie Jarrett is behind this.

Imagine a world in which Valerie Jarrett would permit Hillary Clinton to be elected President.
You can’t can you?
Why are the long knives out for Hillary?
Because Hillary wants to be President so badly that she would do just about anything to get there.
The problem is, Hillary cannot be controlled the way Obama can.
Hillary will not permit her presidency to be maneuvered behind the scenes by Valerie Jarrett.
Frankly, Hillary wouldn’t let Jarrett past the main gate of the White House, let alone give her the kind of power Val has enjoyed for the last six years.

Then, less than two weeks later, I was vindicated in my theory when the New York Post reported that Valerie Jarrett was behind the leak.

If Valerie Jarrett wants Hillary to go down, trust me on this one. She will go down faster than Monica in the Oval Office.

Do you really think the Enslaved Press would be covering this email scandal the way they have without the go-ahead from the White House?

The only reason the Enslaved Press has spent the last nearly three years poo-pooing the Benghazi story isn’t because they want to shield Hillary.

The Benghazi story splashes just as much scandal onto Obama as it does the former Miss Rodham.

If not more.

Those of us who were paying attention in 1998 when the Clinton perjury scandal erupted have reason to believe that nothing Hillary does will stick to her.

But trust me when I tell you. It isn’t 1998 anymore.

And the power behind the Democrat Party rests not with Bill and Hill, but with Valerie Jarrett.

And as long as that’s the case, Hillary is toast.

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