It’s all about the sausage


The scandal brewing in the Democrat Party thanks to Donna Brazile’s ass-covering revelations is giving me one more reason to be glad I took the time to read through the Podesta emails.

It was never about looking for a smoking gun — not for me.

Instead, it was all about the sausage.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we had a behind-the-scene peak at how the Clinton campaign’s sausage was made.

To me, reading the Podesta emails is a lot like learning how magic tricks are done.

Then, when you go see a magic show in Vegas – while the rest of the audience oohs and ahhs – you’re smiling to yourself. Because you know the trick to the tricks. And you’re never fooled.

Friday MSNBC’s Katy Tur brought on the Clinton Team’s Director of Strategic Communication Adrienne Elrod to talk about Brazile’s explosive claims.

The big news from the Daily Caller is that Elrod basically said Brazile was a big, fat liar.

She insisted that Team Clinton most certainly did not control the DNC during the primaries.

But it’s all about the sausage, my friends.

Given what I learned reading the Podesta emails, here’s what I think happened.

Team Clinton needs to address the accusations made by Donna Brazile.

And they certainly can’t send John Podesta, Robby Mook or Nick Merrill out to do it.

Two reasons for that.

First, Donna Brazile is a black woman. And the optics of sending out a white man to effectively say that she’s a big, fat liar would not be good.

Second, they certainly can’t send someone out who was directly involved in the collusion between Team Clinton and the DNC. You don’t want someone in the know being caught in a lie if, heaven forbid, this ever becomes a criminal investigation or a civil suit.

So the Clinton people selected Adrienne Elrod – who, admit it, you’ve never heard of before.

And that’s because Adrienne is not a part of the Clinton inner circle.

She’s a hired hand.

And she was not involved in the inner workings of the campaign.

In fact, her job was to coordinate campaign talking points with the people who would go on TV to represent the Clinton campaign.

So, for example, she’d tell the people above her, These are the ones who are going on the Sunday shows. How do you want them to answer questions about fill-in-the-blank?

The people above would confab, come to some conclusions about what the campaign wanted the talking points to be, and then pass those on to Adrienne.

Then Adrienne would coordinate those talking points with everyone who would be on TV that week.

Or, perhaps a BuzzFeed writer would contact her and ask for clarification about Hillary’s position on gay marriage.

Adrienne would email the higher-ups and ask them how to handle the question.

Then they would confab and determine what Adrienne should answer – or if she should answer at all.

(And, yes, that actually happened. You can read the email chain HERE. Scroll down and read from bottom-to-top.)

So given all that, do you really think that Adrienne Elrod is in any position to be able to accurately and knowledgably address Brazile’s claims?

Of course not.

Interviewing Elrod would be like wanting to know the inner workings of the Weinstein Company, so you interview Esperanza — the lady who comes in at night to clean the toilets and vacuum the carpets.

That is, only if before she was interviewed, Esperanza was first coached by Harvey and Bob Weinstein on what to say.

It’s all about the sausage, my friends. And if you know how the sausage is made in Clinton World, their tricks don’t work on you.

Katy Tur’s interview with Adrienne Elrod was worth about as much as air in a jug.

And that tells me that Team Clinton is supremely concerned about what Donna Brazile’s accusations might bring to light.

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3 thoughts on “It’s all about the sausage

  • November 4, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    Strangely similar to Susan Rice being the mouthpiece on Sunday morning news shows re: Benghazi. They always want to say it isn’t done this way.

  • November 4, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    “It’s all about the sausage, my friends” That’s what Bill said!

  • November 5, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Elrod is probably the only Clinton team member who hasn’t lawyered up.

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