“It’s Liz Cheney who started it!!!”

It’s Liz Cheney who started it

It’s been a week since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made her ludicrous concentration camp comparison and the chick is still digging. Now, in an effort to absolve herself of any responsibility for her own hyperbolic misstep, the little creep is blaming it all on Liz Cheney.

I wish I was joking.  But I’m not.

In fact, if AOC doesn’t stop making a fool of herself, Twitter might mistake her account for a parody and ban her.

Oh, I see.  Liz Cheney is to blame.

You know, I’d feel sorry for Alexandria if she had even a modicum of self-awareness.

But she doesn’t, so I don’t.

So her proof that Liz Cheney is the one who started all this is a tweet Liz Cheney sent out the day AFTER Alexandria compared the detention centers to concentration camps and uttered the well-known phrase “Never Again.”

This is a “wild jump?”


Liz Cheney is manipulating pain for political purposes?

Good grief, look in a mirror, you dimwitted crank.

I’ll say it again. You were the one who said on your Instagram livestream that the detention centers were concentration camps.  You were the one who, on that same livestream, invoked the phrase “Never Again” – which is “directly + explicitly” referring to the Holocaust.

And yet you’re blaming Liz Cheney for bringing it up? You’re blaming Liz Cheney for politicizing the Holocaust?

Alexandria is a walking/talking/tweeting example of Projection.

Now, on the one hand, I’m loving the fact that she simply will not put the shovel down and stop digging.

The more she talks — the further she pushes — the more outlandish (not to mention childish) her excuses become.

When you have zero impulse control and absolutely no sense of personal responsibility, this is what happens.

Alexandria is like a child abuser who shouts, “Look what you’re making me do!!!” as she beats the snot out of her kid.

She is utterly incapable of taking any responsibility for the gibberish that dribbles out of her mouth on a daily basis.

And rather than simply own it, acknowledge it, and move on, she continues to dig herself deeper into a hole.

Fortunately for her, Alexandria maintains an army of dutiful followers. And these devoted faithful take everything little Alex says as gospel — no matter how insane, historically illiterate, or incomprehensible it is.

So they will happily swarm and attack Liz Cheney on Twitter – all to protect their precious, thin-skinned queen.

And because this army of flying monkeys will always do battle on her behalf, Alexandria will never stop digging. She will never admit fault.

She is completely shielded from any consequences for her own arrogant and childish behavior.

Over the weekend, David Limbaugh penned a column titled “Please Don’t Shut Up, AOC,” in which he said, “Don’t listen to those who advise not to be roped into her spotlight-seeking trap. Give her all the attention she craves — and more rope.”

From his column:

But here’s the good news. AOC is unteachable, because she is unwilling to be taught. Full of hubris, she already knows everything and is the champion of every leftist cause. She leads with her unbridled emotions, happily ignorant of the facts. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi would love to corral her but would not dare even hint at that, shrewdly recognizing the mob attraction AOC enjoys with the Party’s shrieking base. Pelosi knows better than to chastise AOC and so ducked the question when asked why AOC never shuts up.

Well, I’m with Pelosi, for different reasons. Please don’t shut up, AOC. We appreciate your drawing a sharp contrast every day between the noxious views of your party, which now dutifully embodies your extremism, and those representing responsible governance. Thank you for liberally exercising your First Amendment freedoms.

For a while, I thought calling attention to her insanity was a waste of time. But if this ridiculous Concentration Camp imbroglio has taught me anything, it’s that Limbaugh is right.

And instead of telling Alexandria to stop digging, we should be handing her a bigger shovel.

Left to her own devices, the Lipstick Demigod of the Left will inevitably push too hard and too far.  And Alexandria’s reliance on her sycophantic faithful to wage battles on her behalf is becoming increasingly ugly and exhausting.

And if she continues to sic those slavish followers on her Congressional colleagues, it won’t be long before nobody in Congress is willing to work with this churlish, arrogant child.

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6 thoughts on ““It’s Liz Cheney who started it!!!”

  • June 25, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Takes a lickin’ and keeps on diggin’

  • June 25, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    > I down with aoc
    > Yea you know me
    > You know I love it
    > when she has a hissy fit
    > She’s boming loud
    > And she gonna draw a crowd
    > Shes lifting off
    > She don’t care if you scoff
    > She’s got da clout
    > She ain’t never gonna tap out
    > We got her back
    > We be wanting ALL our stuff back
    > She making declarations
    > For us to get our reparations
    > We know her education
    > Improved her situation
    > We want to follow
    > And we never gonna wallow
    > Cause we know she legit
    > We ain’t never gonna quit
    > YeESSS I am down with aoc

    • June 25, 2019 at 8:13 pm

      Better keep your day job, Pablo…if you have one.

    • June 26, 2019 at 9:53 am

      Well Bill … It’s best you don’t give up your day job … Your attempt a poetry leaves much to be desired … You have absolutely no concept of syllabic rhythm to illicit the proper cadence of verbalizing your failed attempt at poetic phrasing.

  • June 25, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    “Now, on the one hand, I’m loving the fact that she simply will not put the shovel down and stop digging.”
    Yes !!!!!!! I want this nitwit to CONTINUE TALKING !!! There is absolutely NO ONE who believes Liz Cheney started this, not even the adult idiot AOC.
    Please AOC, keep talking !!!!
    I’m not tired of winning.

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