J6 Surveillance Footage Identifies Unlikely Culprits

J6 Surveillance Footage Identifies Unlikely Culprits

I’ve been mulling over the surveillance footage Tucker Carlson featured on his show this week, trying to noodle out what to make of it all. And from what I’ve seen, it looks like the true culprits exposed in the footage are the members of the ridiculous January 6 select committee.

There’s no doubt that the clips Tucker showed on Monday night were pretty eye-opening. At the same time, when you consider that there are thousands of hours worth of surveillance footage to comb through, what was shown so far is but a wee little drop in the bucket.

But one thing that struck me from the first round of clips Tucker showed, is that the January 6 Select Committee was made up of liars and charlatans more interested in putting on a partisan show than they were in getting to the truth.

While most people have focused on the surveillance footage showing Viking Hat Guy, Jacob Chansley, being leisurely escorted through the building by Capitol Hill Police officers as though they were his personal tour guides, it was the segment Tucker showed about the now-infamous moment in the January 6 committee hearing when the audience burst out laughing watching surveillance footage of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley running from the building.

After showing a clip from the hearing, Tucker then played the unedited version of the footage showing that Hawley was but one of many lawmakers being evacuated from the building by Capitol Police.

Now, admittedly, this footage may not have been the most explosive thing Tucker showed so far, but it was very revealing.

Unlike the Jacob Chansley footage, which his former defense attorney never saw before convincing Chansley to take the plea deal that sent him to prison for 41 months, the Hawley clip is not exculpatory evidence for any of the people caught up in the FBI’s nationwide dragnet. But it is damning evidence that the January 6 select committee was a partisan show trial featuring staged moments designed to go viral on social media and get endless play on partisan media outlets.

That moment in the hearing when the audience broke out in laughter over cowardly Josh Hawley running away was a big hit on Twitter and outlets like CNN and MSNBC. And that was precisely why the committee staged it the way it did.

Naturally, committee member Adam Kinzinger, who always behaves like a snarky teenage girl on Twitter, wasted no time pouncing on the “Cowardly Hawley” clip, posting meme after meme in a lame attempt to mock Josh Hawley.

As I said at the time, for Adam, being on the committee was never about getting to the truth of what happened on January 6. It was all about boosting his public profile and getting loads of retweets from members of the Anti-Trump ResistanceLOL, all in hopes of securing a job with CNN or MSNBC when he left office in January.

Like every other slacked-jawed idiot on that committee, Kinzinger didn’t mind if the hearings presented selectively-edited clips that painted a false picture to the public. As long as he got more face-time on cable news and more retweets from #Resist Twitter accounts, Adam was perfectly happy playing his part in the lies.

Unsurprisingly, the American corporate media’s Quick Response Team wasted no time this week pretending that the unedited clip aired on Tucker’s show didn’t mean that the committee lied about Hawley. Really? The point was to make it appear as if Hawley skedaddled all by his lonesome out of the Capitol after he allegedly “fired up” the protesters earlier in the day. That framing itself was a lie.

If showing the other lawmakers fleeing as well wouldn’t have undermined the narrative, why did the committee cut that part out of the clip? Only a Democrat activist masquerading as a “journalist” would try to dismiss this.

Additionally, committee member Liz Cheney was an early promoter of the claim that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was “killed defending the Capitol from the violent mob on January 6,” as she tweeted the day after he died. Even after the medical examiner determined that Sicknick’s death on January 7 was due to natural causes, the select committee, including member Liz Cheney, never corrected the record.

Tucker aired surveillance footage on Monday showing Sicknick alive and well at the end of the riot, directing Trump fans out of the building. As he noted, the clip still has an electronic bookmark archived in the computer system, meaning someone on the committee reviewed that footage and knew Sicknick didn’t die due to violence. And yet, the committee continued to claim Sicknick lost his life due to the violent rioters. They even invited Sicknick’s mother and girlfriend to testify before a committee supposedly investigating the riot that had nothing to do with Sicknick’s death.

In the end, the January 6 committee concocted its own Big Lie, and unlike Trump’s Big Lie, this is one that the American corporate media is more than happy to promote.

In November 2021, I said that I don’t care about the January 6 riot. That hasn’t changed one bit.

I have zero interest in relitigating a 3-hour riot that happened more than two years ago. It wasn’t an “insurrection” nor was it an army of well-organized seditionists staging an organized coup to “overthrow our democracy.”

It was a shameful, idiotic mob made up of people who, for weeks, were fed a heaping helping of bullshit from reckless fools who convinced them that the certification of the 2020 election would be stopped and Trump declared the true winner. And when reality broke through the garbage, the disillusioned mass of people, many of whom never even jaywalked or got a speeding ticket, got swept up in a mob and stormed the Capitol, handing the Democrats the perfect weapon to wield against Republican voters and politicians alike for the next two years and beyond.

Meanwhile, using the supposed “Insurrection” as fodder, Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration have spent the last two years using federal law enforcement to target their political enemies in ways that would make Beria blush.

At the same time, I have absolutely no objection to Tucker Carlson using the surveillance footage from the Capitol to drag the antics of the January 6 select committee out of the darkness and into the blinding light of day.

Those guys lied to the American people. And if the surveillance footage exposes their hearings as the selectively edited, fictionalized stage productions that they were, then bring on the footage, Tucker!

For a group that never tires of clutching its pearls over “misinformation,” the politicians in Congress spent millions of taxpayer dollars to stage the biggest televised misinformation show ever.

That kind of abuse of the House’s investigative powers should come with a steep price.

Whether it will remains to be seen.

The Democrats and their obedient handmaids in the media have too much invested in the phony “Insurrection” narrative to ever give it up easily. They will stop at nothing to keep it safe.

Side Note:

My fractured foot is healing slowly. However, during the week it has been impossible for me to write anything here at PatriotRetort.com since by the time I finish my paying job, my foot is throbbing with pain. I struggled to find a way to keep my foot elevated while I’m working at my desk, but no soap. By the time I finish doing the writing for my day job, my damn foot hurts so much from being down on the floor that I’m forced to retreat to the couch to prop it up for the rest of the day. On the plus side, I am no longer wearing that damn walking boot around the house. I’ll only wear that if I go anywhere. But since I can’t drive with the boot on, the only way I can go anywhere is if someone comes to get me. I feel like a shut-in.

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4 thoughts on “J6 Surveillance Footage Identifies Unlikely Culprits

  • March 11, 2023 at 10:07 am

    There will be no repercussions for the lies, misinformation, disinformation, selective editing of video, etc. This would be true even if so-called republicans held all three branches of the government. At the end of the day, all of DC (with very few impotent exceptions) is part of the uniparty. None of them is willing to sanction any other of the group, for fear of reprisals and because they all support the same principles. The federal government juggernaut is too large and has too much power and momentum to ever be stopped in its pursuit of ever greater power and control. It is the very definition of a self-interest society and cares not one whit for the welfare of its constituents. Nowhere has this been more clearly demonstrated than during the current inept and illegitimate “administration.

  • March 12, 2023 at 8:13 am

    Where’s share button for Truth Social?

    • March 12, 2023 at 8:54 am

      There is no such share button available with this plug-in.

  • March 13, 2023 at 11:04 am

    I don’t believe or trust ANYTHING the MSM or this demonrat administration (and various republicans) say or state. They’re all a bunch of liars.

    Oh…and this bank failure episode, don’t think for one minute that this event(s) are not deliberately devised and manipulated. It’s all part of the agenda of the left.

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