Jeb Bush thanks you!

Jeb bush thanks you

I’ve not said word one about this completely Leftist birther attack Donald Trump has been waging against Ted Cruz — partly because it is idiotic and pathetic. But mostly because I don’t believe in validating Democrat-like attack strategies when they are used by Republican candidates. I despised it when Romney did it. And I still despise it.

In the way he has behaved in this mishegas, Trump reminds me of a busybody neighbor who loves to stir the shit in the neighborhood.

The Busybody knows her neighbor’s husband is cheating on her and so she calls her neighbor up and feigns concern just so she can feed off the poor woman’s shock and horror over the news.

“I am just sick about the fact your husband is cheating on you with his secretary. You must feel terrible. I only mention it because I’m concerned for you. And I only told all of our neighbors about it because I was really shocked and think this sort of thing is awful. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Then she revels in the turmoil her stink bomb unleashes because miserable people always find pleasure in making other people miserable.

Let’s say Ted Cruz decided to talk about Donald Trump raping his wife Ivana. He could tell Chuck Todd how he thinks this sort of accusation could be really damaging, and he’s very concerned over what this rape allegation could do to Trump’s candidacy. Then he could assure Chris Wallace that he thinks Trump would be wise to get this horrible rape story behind him. Yes, Cruz is only concerned about the damage it would do to Trump in the general election should he become the nominee. The Democrats will have a field day throwing this rape accusation in his face. And Donald should really take care of this now. Maybe go to court and have Ivana sign an affidavit that the reports of him raping her were unfounded. Because rape is a serious charge. He has to deal with it.

Sure, Trump’s defenders will say, “This has been settled and proven to be a non-issue. And it’s really below the belt for Cruz to bring it up now.”

But, hey. Cruz isn’t the one who made the accusation. He’s just pointing out that this rape accusation could be harmful to Donald.

And, sure. Maybe it has been settled (you know, like Cruz’s citizenship), but really, the Democrats are going to bring up the fact that the reports of Ivana accusing Donald of rape are out there. They are out there. And the Democrats are going to use this material. So Donald has to defend himself against this accusation that he raped his wife. Because, rape? Well, you know that is a serious charge. After all, look at the rapes that happened on New Year’s Eve in Germany. Rape is awful. And especially since Donald is making a point of bringing up Bill Clinton’s history of sexual assault. Donald really needs to deal with this accusation of rape.

And Ted Cruz is just trying to help Donald out because he knows this rape accusation could hurt him.

If Cruz were ever to sink so low, it would be nothing more than an opportunistic and nasty Democrat form of character assassination.

But this is exactly how Donald is using Cruz’s being born in Canada. Just like a Democrat.

Any old how.

If the polls are any indication, the one Presidential candidate who is simply delighted with this insipid birther attack is Jeb Bush.

Suddenly, Jeb’s numbers are beginning to climb. In the rolling average at Reuters, Jeb a month ago was polling below “Wouldn’t Vote.” Now he has risen to third place.

See, here’s how the Establishment works.

They pit the non-Establishments candidates against one another. And while they are bickering over nonsense and hurting each other, the Establishment candidate slips in and wins.

So, Mr. Trump, Jeb Bush thanks you!

He thanks you for trying to destroy Cruz because, let’s be honest, Cruz is the candidate the Establishment is most terrified of.

He thanks you for resorting to typical Democrat gutter-politics because that kind of bullshit turns off Republican voters like nothing else.

And while you hurt your own support and stir the shit among Cruz supporters, you manage to grease the skids for Jeb and the Establishment.

So, thanks Donald. Keep up the good work. The Establishment RNC owes you a debt of gratitude.

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One thought on “Jeb Bush thanks you!

  • January 13, 2016 at 11:44 am

    This whole thing is going to get really NASTY, quick. There is a lot at stake on both sides. We are in for a hellatious ride to election day, and an even worse time up until the inaguration ceremony. One year and nine days to go. Hang on, it is going to get rough. The truth will be out there in plain sight. It will be masked and smeared so as to confuse, divide, and manipulate We the People. Stay Strong America!! Pray for our Country, our land, and the safety of those who stand up to defend this Nation.

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