Jeff Zucker: The Fraudfather

Jeff Zucker

Apologize and swear never to do it again. And we won’t destroy your life.

This is what passes for “journalism?”

For an outfit that claims President Trump is “thuggish,” this is some pretty thuggish behavior, wouldn’t you say?

Jeff Zucker doesn’t run a “news” organization.

If anything, Zucker’s acting more like a crime boss.

He’s sent out his button men to get rid of their little problem.

Remember the scene in The Godfather Part II when the US Senator refused to cooperate with Michael Corleone?

So they set him up. They got him liquored up and stuck him in a bed with a dead hooker.

Then, Tom Hagan came to see him at the brothel and promised to keep it quiet.

The understanding was clear. Cooperate with us, and we’ll see to it nobody ever knows about the dead hooker in your bed.

Jeff Zucker is the Fraudfather.

CNN spent the last several days openly reporting that they were tracking down the guy who made that wrestling gif.

Naturally, by the time they found him, he was terrified that CNN would expose him.

So he apologized and deleted his account.

Sure, it wasn’t a dead hooker in the bed, but he got the message loud and clear.

Now the CNN “reporter” who tracked him down can claim, “Hey, he apologized long before I spoke with him.”

How convenient.

The threat was understood. Kaczynski even says in his article that the Reddit user was in fear for himself and his family.

And why was he in fear?

Because for the last several days, CNN has been reporting on air that they were tracking him down.

This is the kind of corrupt outfit Jeff Zucker is running.

Let’s be honest.

CNN is fully aware that the political violence is all coming from the Left. Why do you think they cover for Antifa?

Trust me. CNN knew that exposing this man would put his life at risk from the same violent Leftists they pretend don’t exist.

It isn’t like this Reddit user was unaware that CNN was trying to smoke him out. For heaven’s sake, they publicly announced on air that they were searching for him!

And while they claim they won’t expose him so long as he behaves himself, the threat is still there.

In fact, just a few hours ago, Chris Cuomo tweeted this (and quickly deleted it).

What kind of “news service” openly intimidates a private citizen into silence?

But this is CNN.

This is Jeff Zucker’s hoodlum network.

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One thought on “Jeff Zucker: The Fraudfather

  • July 6, 2017 at 7:05 am

    Incredible irony that the same Corrupt News Network that defends their Fake Russia News based on Anonymous sources threatens to expose people who say anything with which they disagree.

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