Jihadist or Crazy. Can’t he be both?

News outlets are scrambling to figure out Esteban Santiago’s motive for shooting up the Fort Lauderdale airport. Was he a terrorist or was he just crazy?

Why can’t he be both?

Is it really an “either/or” scenario?

If the news reports about Santiago’s recent past are accurate, the guy is crazier than a shithouse mouse.

Hearing voices that tell you to do things is crazy. And Santiago reportedly told the FBI that voices were telling him to join ISIS.

But likewise, if the reports about his early fascination and more recent fixation with radical Islam are accurate, you can’t pretend it had nothing to do with what he did.

Trust me on this. My grandmother was a paranoid schizophrenic. I know a thing or two about people who hear voices.

My grandmother, in her youth, was a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. She was virulently anti-drink.

In fact, during the 20s when my grandmother was a teenager (and before her schizophrenia presented), her brother supplied moonshine during Prohibition.

That didn’t go over well for her. Gran was outraged that her own brother was violating the law – a law she wholeheartedly supported. So she found his still and dumped manure into it.

My grandmother wasn’t anti-drink because she was schizophrenic. She was a part of the temperance movement from a young age and only later developed schizophrenia.

One had nothing to do with the other.

But in the end, like all schizophrenics, my grandmother began to perseverate on one thing. And for her, quite unsurprisingly, that one thing was alcohol.

Reports indicate that Santiago had been frequenting jihadist sites as young as seventeen.

So isn’t it possible that Santiago is a jihadist who also happens to be crazy? Isn’t it possible that someone with a mental disorder who seemed fixated on radical Islam would perseverate on radical Islam?

I just don’t buy this, “Well, he can’t really be a terrorist because he is crazy” argument.

Are we really supposed to believe that only the sparklingly sane decide to wage jihad against Americans?

Radical Islamists prey on the vulnerable. It’s what they do.

Radical Islamists prey on the vulnerable.

And who is more vulnerable than someone who’s crazy?

As Paul Joseph Watson put it yesterday:

Crazy jihadist or “sane” jihadist, the end result is the same.

Americans are dead in yet another act of terror on American soil.

These attempts by radical Islam apologists to excuse Santiago’s actions as nothing more than a crazy man with a gun doesn’t change that.

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