Joe Barton learns the hard way

I feel sorry for Texas Congressman Joe Barton.

Maybe it’s because he’s older that Barton didn’t consider the minefield he was wandering into when he texted nude photos of himself to his girlfriend.

See, I have a few common sense rules.

Joe Barton

Joe Barton just learned number three the hard way.

And when I say don’t text photos, I don’t just mean the creeps who send lewd photos to unsuspecting women.

I mean never, ever – even to someone with whom you are in a consensual relationship – never transmit this kind of crap.

Because let’s face it, relationships may not last.

And I’m surprised that the twice-divorced Joe Barton didn’t already know that.

Spurned or rejected lovers can get nasty. And in the Internet Age, that nastiness can be shared with millions with just a push of the button.

I can’t believe I have to point that out. Honestly, I thought everybody knew this.

The reason feel sorry for Joe Barton is because clearly he’s a victim of revenge porn – that charming practice of disseminating lewd images of an ex in order to publicly shame him or her.

And it certainly doesn’t help Barton that the vehicle aiding the woman seeking revenge is the once prestigious newspaper called the Washington Post.

Let’s be honest, most ordinary folks who decide to transmit revenge porn don’t get that kind of a platform from which to do it.

And that is why I feel sorry for Joe Barton.

The poor, horny guy got swept away by a pornado of his own making.

He did nothing illegal.

But the same can’t be said for the woman who shared these images and texts.

Both Texas and Washington DC have what are called “Revenge Porn Laws.” And in the District of Columbia, transmitting revenge porn is a felony.

No wonder Barton told this woman that if she shared those images he would contact the Capitol Hill Police.

Yet the Washington Post is trying to make it sound like Barton was the bad guy for telling her that.

That’s not just bad journalism; it’s deeply irresponsible.

And if I were Joe Barton, I’d sue them into bankruptcy – especially considering they’re not done.

It’s as if the cosmos is determined to provide real-time examples of what Sharyl Attkisson calls The Smear.

But you know what would stop revenge porn in its tracks?

Not transmitting lewd photos to a consensual partner!

It’s not rocket science, people.

You don’t need to be a member of Mensa to grasp just how dangerous a game sexting can be.

And I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m victim-blaming Joe Barton.

Because I’m not.

Instead, I hope his horrible ordeal will be a lesson to everyone.

Sexting is a supremely bad idea.

And while Joe Barton is no Anthony Wiener, he did not show good judgment – something he himself admits.

Let’s be honest, people have become particularly vindictive and ugly with the advent of social media. And once-reputable news organizations can no longer be trusted to use discretion.

Like I said yesterday, Congress has become a blackmail smorgasbord. And by voluntarily transmitting these images and texts to his girlfriend, Joe Barton served himself up as an entree.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Barton learns the hard way

  • November 23, 2017 at 9:54 am

    A locally intense ‘pornado’ spawned by a ‘heracane’.

  • November 23, 2017 at 11:12 am

    “Instead, I hope his horrible ordeal will be a lesson to everyone.”

    – Dianny

    “Learn from the mistakes of others, you don’t live long enough to make them all yourself”

    – A Nun at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs CO

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