Joe to the Rescue!

Joe to the Rescue!

Look up in the sky! Here comes Mighty Joe to the rescue!


Sure, Years One through Forty-seven Joe Biden didn’t lift a finger to rescue America. But Year Forty-Eight will be the charm! Yes sir. Help is on the way!

Does anybody actually fall for this kind of garbage?

You’re going to rescue “everyone struggling?”

Oh, honey. You can’t even pet the dog without breaking your foot.

You can’t even make it through a sentence without being reduced to an incomprehensible, gibbering mess.

You get bested by your own face mask.

I’d say believing that a Joe Biden Presidency will rescue Americans “struggling right now” takes a hell of a lot of wishful thinking.

The “President-Elect” is loading up his “Administration” with Obama retreads. And he thinks that will rescue us?

We all remember what the economy was like for “everyone struggling” during the Obama years – which is probably why 56% of Americans said they were better off under President Trump than they were under Obama.

There is zero evidence that a “Biden Administration” would ride to the rescue of anybody, except maybe China and possibly Iran.

But Americans? Doubtful.

Biden plans to give amnesty to every illegal alien who managed to sneak into the country.

How will that help “everyone struggling right now?”

Well, let me answer that.

It won’t.

If “the experts” tell Biden to shut down our economy over a virus with a 99% recovery rate, he’ll do it. You think that will help “everyone struggling right now?”

Biden plans to reinstate the regulations that crippled the economy which means employers won’t be hiring, wages will once again stagnate, and corporations that can relocate overseas will do so.

Biden wants to saddle us with some form of the Green New Deal which means “everyone struggling right now” will find themselves paying more for pretty much everything from energy bills to groceries to gas.

Biden isn’t coming to America’s rescue; he’s coming to the rescue of Wall Street, big donors and the DC Swamp.

The only possible way that tweet could be true is if the courts overturn the election results due to fraud and Donald Trump gets inaugurated on January 20th.

And if that doesn’t happen, help won’t be on the way. Instead, the Americans “struggling right now” will be royally screwed.

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2 thoughts on “Joe to the Rescue!

  • December 2, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Are there really American Citizens stupid enough to believe that drooling imbecile? His ‘keepers’ are frantically looking for Obama’s Teleprompter with the Random Platitudes Generator. It is hard for me to believe that 51% of America is programmed on self-destruct. Maybe being the Leader of the Free World and the Light of Liberty was just too much work for the Leftist sissy-freaks.
    We will see in a few weeks. Keep pushing, Sidney! It is not over yet.

  • December 2, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    When Joe speaks to those “struggling” he isn’t speaking to folks like you and me… he’s addressing those DC Elites and Swamp Creatures that, during the Trump years, have been “struggling” to gorge themselves at the public trough the way they’re used to doing.

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