Joe’s not one of the forgotten; Joe did the forgetting

Joe’s not one of the forgotten; Joe did the forgetting

I don’t know who’s in charge of Joe Biden’s Twitter account, but their salary should be considered an in-kind donation to the Trump reelection campaign. In their desperate, grasping effort to steal Trump’s base out from under him, Team Biden is making their candidate look even more foolish and out of touch than he already did.

“He forgot about us.”


Joe Biden thinks he’s one of the forgotten men and women?

He’s been in Washington DC since January 1973.

The forgotten men and women in this country are the ones Washington disregarded.

The forgotten men and women are the ones whose jobs were shipped overseas to places like China.

And who did that to them, Joe?

Well, among others, you did.

You aren’t one of the forgotten men and women.

You’re the one who did the forgetting.

I get it; I do.

As I mentioned last week, The Biden campaign is now trying to make a desperate play for working class Americans whom, up until the polling became too close for comfort, Team Biden was happy to ignore.

These forgotten men and women meant nothing to old Joe when he thought the once-solid Obama coalition of voters was in his corner.

But the Obama coalition isn’t coalescing behind Joe. As a result, Team Biden suddenly remembers the forgotten men and women exist.

Hey, there’s no group Team Biden won’t embarrassingly pander to.

But to attempt to portray this 47-year Washington DC fixture as one of the forgotten men and women?

This kind of clueless pandering always makes me think of this clip from “Toy Story.”

Putting Joe in a hardhat won’t magically turn him a into blue collar worker, you know.

Do they really believe having this life-long DC politician who’s gotten rich off of shady deals with foreign countries pretend he’s a guy who works with his hands and struggles to make ends meet is going to pass the smell test?

To quote a life-long DC politician: “C’mon, man!”

How stupid do you think we are?!

Now, I’m sure Joe isn’t responsible for the content of that tweet any more than he’s responsible for anything that happens in his campaign.

This is the kind of out of touch pandering one gets from a team of college-educated millennials who have never met a single blue collar American in their lives.

This is what you get from people who have absolutely no connection to regular, average working class Americans.

Donald Trump’s campaign resonated with working class voters, not because he pretended to be one of us, but because he acknowledged that Washington forgot about us. He didn’t mince words. Instead, he was brutally honest and unfiltered about Washington’s betrayal of America’s working class.

After years of being lied to, disregarded and flat-out ignored, voters loved hearing a candidate who said exactly what is on his mind.

Trump’s campaign platform was not a poll-tested, focus-group-driven litany of talking points. It was unvarnished and unequivocal.

Bringing jobs back from overseas, cutting taxes, securing our border, not sending our sons and daughters to fight and die in endless, useless wars, putting America first — Trump resonated because the issues he ran on were things that matter to us.

And he didn’t just run on them. He delivered on them.

James Woods tweet - Forgotten men and women

If Biden’s campaign team had any connection whatsoever to the “forgotten men and women,” they would know that President Trump delivered on them.

In other words, every single statement in that silly tweet is a lie.

Trump hasn’t forgotten us.

Joe Biden isn’t one of us.

Joe Biden is one of those DC parasites who forgot we existed – that is, until his campaign team realized they needed our votes.

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6 thoughts on “Joe’s not one of the forgotten; Joe did the forgetting

  • September 22, 2020 at 10:45 am

    DC parasites is right!!! I loved it when Joey Fingers talked about working with his hands!!! Now if I could just get him to elaborate on what exactly he likes doing with his hands. Joey Fingers trying to be like one of us working guys is as cringe-inducing as Pocahontas trying to drink a beer….what a sad waste of beer!

  • September 22, 2020 at 11:21 am

    Donal Trump uses the stream of consciousness technique when he speaks. This technique lends it self to much more honest, and occasionally stupid, comments, because there is no time for a filter to be applied before they blurt out. I say this is a good thing. And since Trump wolves down Big Macs, I believe he is more in touch than any Washington Democrat. There are many stories, over many years, about Trump being laid back with bellhops, chambermaids, caddies, doormen, etc., and a big tipper – with his OWN money.

  • September 22, 2020 at 11:43 am

    Joe’s dementia is flashing back to the 1970’s when he could visit a factory full of union workers (solid Democrat voters) and walk among them, slapping each other on the back, Joe telling them how much he does for them in DC. Maybe even drink a brewski with them later down at the union hall, loud talking, dirty jokes and all.

    Sorry, Joe. This ain’t the 1970s.

  • September 22, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    In 2012, the Obama/Biden campaign made no bones about discarding the blue collar vote. Their surrogates wrote op-eds for the NYTIMES about not being able to do anything for the blue collar workers. Obama told them their jobs were never coming back.
    Now, all of a sudden, SloJoe is all “I’m gonna bring back those factory jobs (since Trump showed me how to do it) “. Of course, he’ll have to bust China’s chops to get that done, and we all know he ain’t gonna go there.

  • September 22, 2020 at 6:31 pm

    Actually, I think Team Bonehead’s Tweet is exactly correct. If you break it in half:

    “Donald Trump ran for office saying he would represent the forgotten men and women of this country — ”
    100% true, and he delivered for them with jobs, tax cuts, etc., until the Wuhan Flu upset the applecart

    “and as soon as he got in office, he forgot about us.”
    He did forget about life-long Swamp creatures like Joey Fingers, except those he could fire or emasculate!

  • September 22, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    How do you say howdy howdy howdy in Chinese? Joe probably knew at one point, but I’m sure he has forgotten.

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