Joy Reid: Russia’s Pundit

Well, this is just getting embarrassing. The Daily Caller is reporting that Joy Reid was the favorite pundit of the Russian trolls.


Russia's pundit

Has anybody told her yet?

From the Daily Caller:

In a hilarious twist of fate, MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid, who has repeatedly called out Russian election meddling, was the favorite pundit of the Russian trolls indicted by Robert Mueller.

Reid, who hosts a weekend show on the network, received the most retweets of any pundit from the Russian troll farm, according to a review by Law and Crime.

You know, I would feel bad for Joy if she wasn’t such a hateful, wretched woman.

But it must be all manner of humiliating that Russian trolls were retweeting this MSNBC pundit who has spent over a year accusing Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians.

It never ceases to amaze me – the irony of all this.

First Michael Moore.

And now kook-ball pundit Joy Reid.

Talk about Schadenfreude.

Of course the irony just keeps coming.

Yesterday, CNN tracked down some senior citizen in Florida who unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated pro-Trump event on her Facebook page.

Now, keep in mind, this is CNN – one of the two networks that promoted a Russian-coordinated anti-Trump rally four days after the election.

The other network to promote that event was none other than Joy Reid’s MSNBC.

And yet CNN felt the need to track this woman down and publicly shame her while accusing her of being swayed by Russian influence.


Mind you, this woman was already a Trump supporter with a pro-Trump Facebook page when she promoted this Russian-coordinated event. So how could she have been “influenced” by the Russians?

But then again, facts don’t matter, do they?

This is the problem with witch hunts.

And that’s all this stupid Russia narrative has been – a witch hunt. Nothing but a sham to avoid accepting the election of Donald J. Trump.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t take pleasure in knowing that this witch Joy Reid got caught in her own net.

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One thought on “Joy Reid: Russia’s Pundit

  • February 22, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Could we please get Hannity to ambush Joy at home and shove a mic in her face, and hammer her with being a Russian stooge!

    Then do the same with fatso Moore!

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