Juanita Perez Williams loses in embarrassing primary defeat

Juanita loses

Well, New York’s Democrat Primary is over. And here in District 24, it was a battle between a Pelosi anointed insider and a Pussy-Hat Wearing ResistanceLOL Fighter.

And Pelosi’s gal didn’t just lose, she was obliterated.

That’s right, folks.

Central New York’s little climber Juanita Perez Williams lost in a humiliating landslide.

*Play sad trombone here*

The ResistanceLOL candidate, Dana Balter destroyed Perez Williams 62% to 37%.

This is the second time Juanita lost an election by double digits in less than a year.

And if she wasn’t such an opportunistic climber, Juanita would take the hint.

But she won’t.

After all, she’s a political climber.

And there’s nothing worse than a political climber who keeps faltering on the first rung of the ladder.

Perez Williams inserted herself into this campaign after District 24 Democrats chose Balter. And she did it with the backing and support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

See, Juanita has some very powerful friends in the Democrat Establishment.

In fact, in her losing battle for Syracuse Mayor, Juanita had such DNC heavy hitters as Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand in her corner.

Which didn’t do squat for her then. She lost by double-digits to Independent candidate Ben Walsh.

And instead of taking the hint, Juanita set herself up for humiliation once again.

Throughout District 24, both Republican and Democrat voters breathed a heavy sigh of relief this morning.

Now they won’t be subjected to an endless barrage of these “I’m more of a victim than she is and I’ll stand up to Trump” commercials that have clogged up the airwaves for the last few weeks.

And for that, I know my brother is immensely happy.

The things I miss not having TV.

I’d say “So long, Juanita.” But I doubt she’s going away.

Bad pennies never do.

Dana Balter (ResistanceLOL) will face off with Republican incumbent Congressman John Katko (RINO) in November’s Midterm.

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One thought on “Juanita Perez Williams loses in embarrassing primary defeat

  • June 27, 2018 at 9:13 am

    Well Democrats are trending left and reading the election returns this morning NY’s choices were between bad and worse.

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